Wish List

1.Wish For Womens Panties.
2.Wish that Bora be resurrected.
3.Wish To be Younger (Piccolo Daimaou).
4.Wish that everyone killed by Piccolo Daimaou be revived.
5.Wish That Goku Would Be Brought Back to Life.
6.Wish that Piccolo be broght back to life.
7.Wish that Piccolo be transported to Namek.
8.Wish That Everyone on Namek killed by Freeza be Brought back to life.
9.Wish for everyone on Namek except Goku And Freeza to be Transported to Earth.
10.Wish For Krill to Be Transported to the Earth's Check in Station.
11.Wish For Krillin To be Revived.
12.Wish for Yamcha to be Revived.
13.Wish for Chouzu to be revived.
14.Wish For Tein to be Revived.
15.To Transport the nameks and there dragonballs to a similar planet that looks like namek.
16.Wish For every one who was killed by Cell to be Revived.
17.Wish for the bombs planted in 18 and 17 to be removed.
18.Wish for everyone who died the day of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai to be revived , except evil people.
19.Wish for the Earth to be restored.
20.Wish for everyone killed sice Babidi Appeared to be restored to life , excrpt all evil people.
21.Wish for Goku to be restored to Full Power.
22.Wish that everyone except the Z Fighters Would forget about the majin boo incident.
23.Wish For Goku to be a Kid again.
24.Wish for a new Planet plant.
25.Wish For the Earth to be restored.
26.Wish for everyone in the last round of fighting who died to be restored.