SSI Tutorial

Have you ever created a Dragonball Z Site where you have tons of pages, like over 60+? And you haven't had time to go through and change every one when you add an affiliate? Some people use frames but there very unproffesional so, you've come to the right place. SSI (Server Side Include) is scripting that allows you to put something on one page and then your server host will actually change all of the pages for you.

Step One
You must use a host that supports SSI such as

  • HyperMart
  • Angelfire
  • Tripod
  • DBZ Host

    Step Two
    You must place the following code on every page you have that you have.

    <!--#Include File="left.html"-->

    This is very important. Where it says "left.html" you need to insert the name of your menus. In my case, I named my menus left nav bar left.html and my affiliates aff.html. I then put the coding <!--#Include File="left.html"--> where i want my left nav to go and <!--#Include File="aff.html"--> where i wont my affilaites to go.

    Step Three
    The next most important step is to name all your HTML files that you used the coding with, to change the .HTML extension to .SHTML if you dont do this the SSI wont work.

    Reasons why your SSI may not work?
    1. Your extensions are not .shtml
    2. You didn't copy the code right.
    3. Your host doesn't support SSI.
    4. When you install your SSI into your webpage documents, make sure the right.html and left.html have NO html, head, body, or title tags. If those tags exist within you menu files, then the SSI will not understand what your telling it to do, and will not work properly.