Red Ribbon Army

The Red Ribbon Army is headed up by Commander Red. Not being the tallest guy in the world, Red is bent on finding the dragonballs for the sole purpose of wishing to be taller. Their quest for the dragonballs undoubtedly brings to cross paths with Goku, who brings about their destruction. Black is, interestingly enough, one of the few African-Americans to make even the slightest appearance in Dragonball (No, Mr. Popo is not an African-American). Rather Ironically, Black shoots Red in the head, and takes his position as top dog atop the Red Ribbon army. Unfortunately, Goku destroys the entire army shortly thereafter. Tao Pai Pai is not really a follower of the red ribbon army. This is because he was not a member of the Red Ribbon army, but only a hired mercenary used to weed out a few bad apples. To his credit however, his name does match the color motif you have probably noticed by now. Tao Pai Pai actually means "Peach White White". In the Dragonball Z series The Red Ribbon army is taken forth by a somewhat mad-scientist named Dr.Gero. Who plans to seek revenge on Goku for all of the damage he has done. Making plans and building androids, Goku was studied carefully. But Goku yet defeats all of the androids that Gero sent after him.