Bulma about Saiyans:"how come you saiyan's can train all day, but can't mow the lawn or take out the trash"
Vegeta to Gohan:"i would not get cought dead in that thing!"
Goku to Vegeta: I don't think having a little compassion is a disadvantage.
Chibi Goku: Wow, this Kamehameha stuff really works!
Goku: Come back after you train some more.
Freeza: That's too bad, I guess you'll blast into another dimension for nothing at all.
Vegeta: I am going to squash you like a pancake and I like my pancakes very flat.
Vegeta: My recovery will be fueled by the blood of my revenge.
Goku: Well if having feelings is a weakness, why am I the only Saiyan left?
Vegeta: Kakarrot, did you come all this way just to be killed by me?
Piccolo to Vegeta: We're not here to bow down to your demands. We're here to fight!
Trunks to Freeza: It takes some balls to come down to Earth, half dead, in a tin suit... just to be killed.
Yajirobi (about Goku): Mr. Perfect. Always running off to save everybody.
Raditz: Excuse me, has anyone seen my arm? You can't miss it. It's Green.
Freeza: There are three things I refuse to tolerate- cowardice, bad haircuts, and military insurrection. It is unfortunate that our friend, Vegeta, posseses all three of these.
Gogeta: I am not Goku or Vegeta. I am the instrument of your defeat!
Krillin: Goku, you're my friend. We grew up together! Let's just make sure that, well, we both grow old together.
Freeza: Observe, my left hand it's strength alone is enough to crush you like the little bug you are.
Freeza: The Saiyins are proving to be quite a thorn in my side.
Vegeta to Ginyu Force: I'll never give in to you circus freaks!
Gohan: I am not afraid. I was trained by the great Piccolo. I am son of Goku. I am not afraid.
Vegeta: I am the Prince of all Saiyans once again.
Gohan: My father told me to send you to Hell.
Freeza: Relax, death is my specialty.
Piccolo To King Kai: So this is what it's like to have a mom.
Piccolo: What the hell, you only live once.
King Kold: Whats a Goku?
Vegeta: It's amazing. Everytime you open your mouth, you prove your an idiot!
Krillin: Special powers? Ha! If I had special powers, I'd have a head full of hair!
Freeza: You Saiyans are all like moths, rushing to a flame only to die!
Goku: How Strange. The chips are down, but for some odd reason the challenge to try to beat this monster is exciting me.
Vegeta to Android 19: Fresh out of the factory with no warrenty and already broken.
Freeza: I will make this whole planet suffer!
Perfect Cell after kicking Krillin: He should feel Lucky. He's the first to have been touched by my perfect body!
Vegeta to Android 18: Dont expect me to go easy on you, I fight to win.
Gohan: It's all or nothing there is no inbetween.
Recoom: My name is Recoom it rhymes with doom and you'll be hurting all to soon.
Goku: I saw an opening that seemed to scream out attack!!
Vegeta: "Are you ready to witness a power not seen for thousands of of years!"
Piccolo to Gohan: Wake up you little tenderfoot, bootcamp is about to begin!
Kaioshin to Vegeta & Goku:You risk our lives for your worthless scrable.
Majin Vegeta to Kaioshin:The Strongest will find a way to survive and the weaklings shall parish.
Majin Vegeta:You can control my mind, You can control my body but you can not control my pride.
Vegeta to Bulma:Servant woman, bring me a drying cloth!
Vegetto:I'm the strongest coffee candy in the world!
Bardock:This changes everything...the fate of my planet...the fate of the galaxy...the fate of my son...Kakaroto....
Goku to Chichi:Words? I don't have any favorite words. I have a lot of favorite foods though!
Bulma:Vegeta, im pregnant... whoa! Where the hell do you think you are going?!?! Get your little butt back here now!
Vegeta to Andriod 19:My heart is quiet. My heart is calm and pure. But make no mistake, it's pure evil.
Future Trunks:We're facing the greatest threat in history...a threat to the whole galaxy...And he wants to play my-ki-is-bigger-than-yours?! With his own son!?
Majin Buu to Babidi:You master you you.
Gohan to Kaioshin:Are you just going to stamp dead on your head and give up?
Mr.Satan:No daughter of mine is going out with a evil alien boy.
Majin Buu to Dabura:New plan now i eat you.
Chibi Trunks to Goten after breaking Piccolo stone:Ot Oh Wopsie!!
Majin Buu to Gohan:You a big pest you leave.
Majin Buu to Kaioshin:Pow pow pow pow!, ow ow ow ow!
Goten to Trunks:Look its that shin dude.
Dabura to Majin Buu:This will finish you off.
Babidi:Oh no Majin Buu!!!
Majin Buu to Dabura:Turn into a cookie!!!!
Majin Buu to Babidi:Did you say ogly? what means ogly.
Kaioshin:The "M" is babidi's insignia.
Mr. Satan:I an the king of martial arts.
Vegeta to Kaioshin:How can you say that im not inocent!!
Majin Vegeta:Gohan im sorry.
Majin Buu to Dabura:Me eat you up!, Me eat you up!
Lord Slug's Henchmen to People of Earth:Henceforth, This planet belongs to Slugg-Sama, King of all the universe.
Oolong:I've got a bad feeling about where this is going. I'm getting goose bumps.
Bulma to Oolong:You don't get goose bumps. You get pig bumps.
Kakuja to Lord Slug:It is with deepest joy that i serve you. I shall commit my entire body and soul to this effert.
Lord Slug to Shenlong:Come forth, Shen Long, and grant me my wish.
Lord Slug to Shenlong:Bestow upon me eternal youth!
Lord Slug to Shenlong:I wish for you to make me young again, when i was at my most powerful!
Shenlong:It is a easy request.
Yajirobe to Goku:Yer alive 'cuz I come an'fed ya a Senzu. D'ya know how hard it was findin' ya's?
Yajirobe to krillin:Whuzzis? I nearly fergot 'bout of' Pachinko-head!
Medamatcha to Goku:Hey, hold on! We're not finished talking to you! Lousy punk!