Planet Earth
As you all know what planet earth is, this is where goku and the other Z fighters live.

Planet Vegeta
This is the Saiyans Home Planet, It is also the planet in which vegeta was the prince of and then once freeza's gets scared of the saiyans powers he destroys there planet.

New Vegeta
It is planet in which some saiyans take over and gather people from other planets as slaves to do the touches on the planet, the saiyans decided to take the planet since there's was destroyed by freeza.

Planet Namek
This is the place where piccolo and kami are from, they are the creators of the dragonballs, they are a peaceful race but feeza yet again destroys another planet and destroys this planet while fighting with goku.

New Namek
The original planet namek was destroyed by freeza but then the people of namek wish for a new namek.

Planet Yardat
Only mentioned once in DBZ, it is where Goku learned Instant transmisson Technique.

Planet Freeza #79
This is one of the many planet in which freeza stole and used for his own.

Ghetti Star
This was in Movie #6 with freeza's brother koola he uses this for his power.

Mayko star
The Planet where a person named garlic jr. is from and it later destroyed by gohan and krillin.

Planet Arila
It is a planet since once in the saiyan saga while nappa and vegeta travel to earth they destroy it.