Movie Guide


DB Movie 1

English title: Curse of the Blood Rubies
Japanese title: The Legend of Shenron

DB Movie 2

English title: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle
Japanese title: The Princess in Devil's Castle

DB Movie 3

English title: Mystical Adventure
Japanese title: Mysterious Adventures

DB 10th Anniversary Special

Japanese title: The Way To Become the Strongest

Dragonball Z

DBZ Movie 1

English title: Dead Zone
Japanese title: Return My Gohan

DBZ Movie 2

English title: The World's Strongest
Japanese title: The World's Strongest Man

DBZ Movie 3

Japanese title: Ultimate Decisive Battle for Earth

DBZ Movie 4

DBZ Movie 5

Japanese title: The Best of Strongest Versus Strongest

DBZ Movie 6

Japanese title: Clash! 10 Billion Power Warriors

DBZ Movie 7

Japanese title: Utmost Limits of Battle! The Three Super Saiyajin

DBZ Movie 8

Japanese title: Burnout!! Fierce Fight, Violent Fight, Super-Exciting Fight

DBZ Movie 9

Japanese title: The Galaxy is in Danger! The Super Awesome Guy!

DBZ Movie 10

Japanese title: Dangerous Partners! Super Warriors Never Rest

DBZ Movie 11

Japanese title: Crushing Super Power! I Am the Winner!

DBZ Movie 12

Japanese title: The Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta!

DBZ Movie 13

Japanese title: Dragon Fist Explosion! If Goku Can't Do It, Who Can?

DBZ Television Special 1

English title: Bardock: Father of Goku
Japanese title: A Final Solitary Battle! The Z Warrior Son Goku's Father Challenges Furiza

DBZ Television Special 2

English title: The History of Trunks
Japanese title: Defiance in the Face of Despair! The Remaining Super Warriors - Gohan and Trunks

DBGT Television Special

Japanese title: Goku's Supplement! Proof of Courage Is the Four-Star Dragon Ball

DBZ OVA Special

Japanese title: Plan To Destroy the Saiyajin