Ki Control

Ok this is alittle hard to explain but here go's. You must first be able and in good health. You first think of your own strengh leaving your body through your hands. Once you start to feel it focus it into your hands and then you should start to feel a burning or someother feeling in your hands. A orb or if another shape or form starts to form between your hands you are doing it right. When you have it almost complete you will see the orb or feel like you want to throwup. Either one is right. When you have the energy you can move you hands with the orb moving in them.

Projectile Ki

Once you have the process of making orbs complete you are know ready to try to aim and fire a projectile ki. This is the type of ki that everyone wants to be good at. Well now it starts. Form a ki orb and hold it in your hands. Now with little force of mind push the ball from your hand and away. NOTE BE OUTSIDE WHEN DOING THIS!! You have now fired a ki orb based on the size and power of the orb depits how it will explode. Now try firing a beam ki. Hold your hand, plam outward away from you, your arm straight. Now just simply force a small amount ki into your hand as fast as you can and push it away. There now your done.


Now that you know how to make ki appear and use it. You can now force it into other parts of you body. Now standing up, feeling clam and relaxed. Start sending ki to feet, you should feel some power under your feet. Also you should feel weightless almost. Now just burst ki energy into your feet and you should lift off the ground some. Now just practice at that and you should have flying done in a while.



For the people out there that can benchpress high amounts this is for you. As I said before you can send ki energy anyway in your body. Well if you are of good health this is fun to do and great for fights and spars that you may have in your life. To flare all you have to do is send ki threwout your body and focus it into you intire body. Not just you hands but your arms and legs too. When you do this you should see some muscle increase, if any. This is just like a small power boost that lasts however long you can take it. This increases strength and speed.

Ki Bomb

To do this one simply bring your ki out of your intire body. Chest, head, legs, etc... just bring out ki like you are going to fire a beam. When this is done you will have a orb of ki covering your intire body and it will do some damage to the area around you.