Ever Notice...

Ever notice how they always use that smoke effect? All the time they use it, ALL the time. Someone gets hit by a giant ki blast after undergoing a big strength increase which leaves a big smoke screen, then it clears for the attacker to say huh!?

Ever notice how in every series they always say "I never felt a power like this one", especially in the funimation version? My god, it only takes one to get a little stronger and for everyone to go "I never felt a power like this one...".

Ever notice how funi purposely choose corny voice actors? WHY did funi choose such a corny voice actor for the narrarator? I thought it was all a frickin joke. And don't even go to Krillin's voice, and his corny little phrases (:( Sorry krillin fans). I guess the Cells series got a little less cornier than the Freeza series, but god, you gotta wonder, why did funi do this to themselves?

Ever notice how the bad guy usually starts out stronger? And then the goodguy's suddenly catch up? Like in the Freeza series, Goku beacame a super saiyan and gave Freeza the beating of his life, and in the Cell series, Gohan went SS2 and obliterated Cell. But in the Buu series, they had a hard time killing Buu, for Goku had to use a spirit bomb to kill him, he really never stood a chance. Well, I dont blame the writers for doing this, it adds to the action.

Ever notice how Vegeta usually gets the z-fighters into trouble? Mostly in the Android/Cell series, when Vegeta allowed #17, and #18 to awaken, and when Vegeta allowed Cell to transform into his ultimate form. I guess Akira had no ideas, But I dont blame him, I really wouldnt either. Or maybe Akira did it purposely to add some shame.

Ever notice how most of the time, everyone is depending on Goku to hurry up and arrive at the battlefield? For example: In the Saiyan Saga, Goku had to blast through the eternal road in time to save the others and beat the saiyans, and in the Namek Saga, Goku had to hurry up and arrive to namek, and in the Freeza saga, Everyone was waiting for Goku to heal up and beat the crap out of Freeza. There are so many other times this goes on, I guess Akira loved to add suspense to the show...

Ever notice how many times Vegeta gets defeated? He gets defeated so many times, 9 times I think. He gets defeated by Goku in Earth, then by Zarbon in Namek, then by Recoom, then by Freeza, then by the Androids, then by Cell, then by cell again, then by Majin buu and so on...

Ever notice how they always say Huh!?, I dare you to count how many times they say huh!? in DB-DBGT. Its not only Dragonball too! Its like that with almost every Anime!

Ever notice the whacky hair styles and different hair colors? Well, Im so sure you have. I kinda think its cool that way though, it seems to be a big part of a character's personality.

Ever notice how it takes like 30 episodes for 30 minutes of time to pass by in the series? Like in the Freeza series, There is supposed to be about 5 minutes of time left until Planet Namek blows up. And how many episodes does that take? Like about 10.

Ever notice how two fighters sometimes spend more time staring and talking to eachother than they do fighting? Im not saying it is like this all the time, but they do alot, for instance, early in the fight between Goku and Freeza they do this. But I guess it adds to the suspense.