-When Goku caught a fish during the Android saga, while training with Gohan and Piccolo, Piccolo said some choice words. The words coming out of his mouth were, "fish again". Now we all know that Nameks only live off water!

-When Radditz arrived at Earth, he said that Planet Vegeta was destroyed by a meteorite 4 years ago. However, the frank, honest, and straight truth is that Frieza destroyed it 20 years ago.

-Goku asks the almighty Shenron(Kami's) if he can revive Bora, and the Shenron simply replys, "there is no wish I cannot grant". Well that dragon is an eternal liar. From time to time Shenron fails to grant many wishes.

-Here is an intersting error. When Cell is blown up, along with Northern Kaioshin's planet, he regenerates using one brain cell, which controls his regeneration. Now tell me, how could he regenerate if his head was blown off by Goku?

-Mr. Popo states that only two people can go into the Hyper-Bolic Time chamber at once. Well if that is true, then why did Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and Super Buu all occupy the small room at once for a good few hours? Was there some kind of party in there?

-Bulma states to Goku that no one can fix the Dragon Ball Radar, or therefor make it. However, Turbo made the Dragon Ball Radar out of a plane. Could Bulma be a ditz?

-Here is something I noticed that is awkward. Radditz kiled a farmer during the Saiya-Jin saga. However, we see him walking around from time to time. He is either a zombie, or it is all a conspiracy!

Now when Bulma met Goku, she was 16 and Goku was 12. A year later they were the same age. Well that is screwed up. I hope when the episode was made, no one was drunk.