Black Star Dragonballs

The Black Star Dragonballs were created by Kami just before he and Piccolo split in two. These Dragonballs were just like the Earth Dragonballs, but they have a black star on them (note the name). The only setback of these mysterious Dragonballs was that if they were not gathered back up within one year of their use, the Earth would explode. From stupid wishes using the Dragonballs, very powerful and evil Dragons appeared out of them. For example, Oolong, wished for panties, and a dragon came because of that. Yeah, I know, pretty stupid, but hey, it's a crazy world! These Dragons that appeared were very powerful, but were all destroyed by everyone's favorite hero, Goku. If this is first time info for you guys, it is because these Dragonballs appear in Dragonball GT.