Goku is the main character of db,dbz and also dbgt.He
comes from a warrior race called sayains.He is from a
distant planet called "Vegeta". When he was just a
baby he was send to Earth to conquer it.After landing
on Earth this old guy named "Gohan" found Goku in a
spacepot and goku became Gohans adopted son. One day
Goku was in a complete ravine and fell down and hit
his head and he forgot his mission to conquer the
earth after that Goku became a kind hearted person,
and also the hero of earth. When Radditz(Goku's older
brother)came he explain to goku about his sayain
heritage and how he was a third class warrior. Despite
of that Goku is a third class soldier hes
determination,hard training and also his love for
fighting and mankind allows him to surpass everybody in
power.Goku has 2 sons named Gohan and Goten,his wifes
name is Chi-Chi,and his father Bardock.
Gohan is the first child of Goku and Chi-Chi. He first
trained with Piccolo, since then he has looked up to
Piccolo in every possible way. Though Gohan is a very
studious kid (hes mom makes him study alot) he has the
potential to be the strongest warrior in the universe.
Gohan is the first saiyan to go SSJ2 but after the
battle with Cell he concentrates more on his studies
and meets a young lady called Videl. Gohan and Videl
have a child called Pan. During this time Gohan's
power wears down because of his studies and taking
care of his family. He looses his part as a main
character when it was Dragon Ball GT. Still his
ability and strenght help him maintain great fighting
skills and the spirit of his father.
Goten is the second child of Goku and Chi-Chi. Goten
and Trunks are very good friends and spend most of
their time together. Goten achieved very high power
when he turned SSJ at the age of seven. He has a very
strong resemblence with his father, Goku, and wears a
mini fighting suit like his dad. Though goten looks
like a nice kid hes known for throwing tantrums just
to get what he wants and also for hes humor
throughtout DBZ and DBGT.
Vegeta comes the planet called "Vegeta". He comes from
a royal bloodline that he could turn to a super-
saiyan. The only thing he wants is to be the strongest
warrior in the whole entire universe. The only person
that stands in hes way is Goku. Power and pride is the
only thing he cares about and nothing else, Until at
the end of dbz witch he realizes that power is not the
only thing in this universe. Vegeta and Bulma has two
children called "Trunks" and "Bra".
The son of Vegeta and Bulma. Although he is young he
has tromendous power. He is one of the strongest of
earth's special forces and first reached SSJ at age
twelve. Usually to reach SSJ you have to do it with
rage and anger, but Trunks was able to go SSJ easily
and with no trouble at all. His father (Vegeta) really
never gave him any incouragment, so Goku and Gohan
took care of him. As Trunks grew older he was more
powerful and more tougher.
Mirai Trunks
Mirai Trunks is also the son of Vegeta and Bulma. He
comes from the future. In his world he is the only
living Z warrior after Gohan dies. All of the Z
warriors died from the threat of the two androids
known as Android 17 and Android 18. Android 17 and 18
create havoc all through Trunks' life. The people in
Trunks' world live with fear and agane and pain as the
Androids subtracted the population of the world
everyday. Mirai Trunks turns Super Saiyan at the age
of 13 after the tragic death of Mirai Gohan. When
Trunks becomes 17 Bulma makes a time machine for
Trunks because Bulma wants Trunks to give medicine to
Goku in the past so that Goku doesn’t die again. They
think it will change history but unfortunally it
doesn’t. It only changes the past but Mirai Trunks’
world can never be change. Mirai Trunks stays with the
past Z warriors for the whole Android Saga and the
whole Cell Saga. Trunks turns Ultra Super Saiyan in
the Cell game. A cross between Super Saiyan and Super
Saiyan 2. He dies from Cell in the past and gets
wished back soon after. Then Trunks leaves the past
for he wants to defeat the Androids that have caused
innocent people that die for no reason at all. Mirai
Trunks leaves the past. When he comes back to the
future he defeats the androids and Cell in the future
time. And now Trunks’ fear of the Androids and Cell is
gone and the threat of evil is now perished. Mirai
Trunks is very different to Chibi Trunks because Mirai
Trunks lived his life with no father. Even though he
knew Vegeta his father was a stuburn guy he loved his
father very much and he knew that deep down inside of
his father lies a good cunning loving Vegeta that
loves him and his mother very much.