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Hi and welcome!
In PSO my name is Anarchist, and ita a Hunter "HUmar Level 68"
I hope you enjoy your stay. You will find PSO V1 and V2 GS/Xploder codes. This site will be updated as soon as I find new codes!

Site update
Misc code section added.
Last update: November 12,2001 04:19:00

PSO news
Well something bad is going to happend to PSO v.2 and all the other online games.
Starting from November 1st every 1 will need to pay $10 per month and for PSO V.2 players, now the fee is not $5 per month is $15 per month.
Last update: October 29,2001 04:19:00

Cmgsccc update
A new code from cmgsccc team.
Last update: October 21,2001 05:19:00

New V.2 codes
I have update the V2 codes area with PSO V2 (American).
Hope you enjoy! Keep visiting!! :)
Last update: October 20,2001 09:45:00

New Bypass code
I found the New take banned items from bank code "new Bypass code" and it is now aveilable on this page!
Last update: October 12,2001 10:14:00

Section ID calculation update
Now you dont need to download the Section ID calculation now just clic here and use it!!
Last update: September 28,2001 3:00:00

Site update "Added new stuf"
I have update/added (Downloads "quests") they r cool!! <(^_^)>.
Last update: September 15,2001 3:00:00

Site update
I have update (New NPC'S and Techniques codes,and Weapons/Items Codes).
Last update: September 14,2001 5:40:00

Site update
I have update (New NPC'S and Technique codes, PK,CK,FSOD Codes) and added a new area (Soul Drop Codes/Tricks), (even new downloads has been added), Hope you enjoy.
Last update: September 13,2001 5:52:36

Site update
I have update "added Mag codes" and some new stuf, Hope you enjoy.
Last update: September 13,2001

Non working codes
I haven't tried most of the codes you find in this page, so if you find a code that doesn't work don't start complaining about it, just tell me it doesn't work and I'll take it out! (If the code doesn't work it could be that it's for an Xploder).

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