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Ryuichi Sakuma... The Reason that I got Into Gravitation Soooooo Much!!! n.n!!! He is the cutest character ever! Well, that's my opinion. But how could you hate someone soo cute??!! A cute 30 year old who acts like a 5 year old! Kawaii! But when he picks up a microphone or listens to some music, his personality completely switches to serious. Poor Ryuichi isn't very good at Japanese, and he lives in L.A.

Ryuichi's the main singer of the group Nittle Grasper and is Totally Awesome!! I'm starting to like that little blue frilly shirt he wears.. o.o.

Ryuichi is Shuichi's idol and Yuki's younger brother Tatsuya has a major crush on Ryuichi.

Oh! And let's not forget about Ryuichi's Manager... K!!!!! But now he aims his guns at Shuichi.