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Hi!! I hope everyone enjoyed my site!!!! My friend Holly was the one who got me into Gravitation. But I fell in love with Ryuichi and had to make a page to him!! He's so cute!!

Extra Goodies!

Here is one of the fanfics that I wrote. I have the link to it on my main page, but I decided to put it here as well since it's about Gravitation!! Tell me if you like it or not! I've written a lot of fanfics and if you'd like to read them, please visit my main page! Anime Mix Up!

*Gravitation Blowout!*

I went through a wallpaper crazy phase, and I ended up making a lot for gravitation. So here's the link to my Wallpaper's page! If you want to see my Gravitation Wallpapers!

*Gravitation Wallpapers!*

I've also made a little picture story thingy called "Twin Love" It stars Omi from Weib Kreuz and Shuichi from Gravitation! That's on my main page's Fanfic section as well. I've been thinking about making another one. And it will star Tohma and Quatre!

Here's a picture of my own Kumagorou!

Yeppie! Who wants to see my Shuichi Work of art? heh heh.. o.o Must make a full-size Ryuichi...

Please.. no throwing of "Stuff"!!! lol