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95th Bomb Wing
Biggs AFB, Texas

    The 95th Bomb Wing was established at Biggs Air Force Base, Texas, on June 4, 1952 as the "95th Bombardment Wing (medium)".  The new unit was originally slated for B-50s, but was redesigned as a "Heavy" BW on November 8, 1952 and received B-36D in August of the following year.  The emblem of the "95th Bombardment Group (Medium)"  was approved for use by the new wing and three Bomb Squadrons were allocated to the 95th: the 334th, 335th and 336th.  Each squadron was equipped with ten aircraft.  In 1956 the wing started conversion to B-36H and J bombers, operating fifteen of each.  By 1957 the 95th operated only the B-36J, ultimately operating thirty two of this model. On May 22 of that year a wing B-36 inadvertently dropped a Mk 17 "Thermonuclear" (hydrogen) bomb 4 miles SE of Kirtland AFB, NM.  The bomb was being ferried to Kirtland for servicing.  The high explosive portion of the weapon detonated, but obviously not the nuclear portion as Albuquerque still exists.  A grazing cow was not so fortunate however.   A first hand account of this can be found in CONVAIR B-36: A Comprehensive history of America's "Big Stick" by Meyers K. Jacobsen (Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1997).  In 1959, the 95th had the distinction of operating SAC's last B-36 (52-2827) on a flight to Fort Worth, Texas, where the aircraft was placed on display at the Greater Southwest International Airport.  The 95th lost three aircraft to accidents due to various causes.  B-36D 44-92097, on Aug. 8, 1954 due to loss of power during landing (1 fatality), B36D 44-92029 on Feb. 8, 1955 due to "downdraft" (windshear in today's terms. No fatalaties) and finally, B-36D 44-92041 on Jan. 19, 1956 due to a hard landing (no fatalaties).

     In 1959 the 95th Converted to B-52Bs, lost the 335th and 336th and gained the 917 Aerial Refueling Squadron, along with KC-135As.  At its peak the wing had nineteen B-52s and eight KC-135s.  The 95th participated in regular REFLEX excersizes to Andersen AFB, Guam during its existence.  In the September, 1965 issue of National Geographic (pg. 308) is a photo of B-52s standing alert on Guam.  At least three 95th BW birds are visible.  In late 1965 the Department of the Air Force announced that the B-52Bs in service would be retired.  This was due to several reasons, one being that with the build up in Viet Nam spare parts for BUFFs could become scarce.  The wing lost its B-52s in 1966 and officially inactivated on June 26.  With that deactivation, Biggs AFB was closed and the field turned over to the Army.

    During the B-52 era, the 95th lost two aircraft: 53-0390, which was lost on January 19, 1961 due to structural failure and 53-0380 (Ciudad Juarez). The latter was  shot down by an AIM-9 Sidewinder accidentally fired from a New Mexico Air National Guard (188th FIS) F-100A.

    On August 8, 1966 the 95th was reactivated as the "95th Strategic Wing" based Goose Bay, Labrador.  Having no aircraft of its own, the 95th SW became responsible for providing support to KC-135 units deployed to Goose AB.  The 95th SW was deactivated on September 30, 1976.

    Once again the 95th was resurrected when it was reactivated as the "95th Air Base Wing" on October 1, 1994 at Edwards AFB, California.

Known serial numbers:

B-36D 44-92027, -92029, -92036, -92038, 92039, -92040, -92041, -92045, 92049, -92052, 92053 and -92097.

B-36J  52-2217, -2219, -2220 (on display at the US Air Force Museum), -2224,  -2820 and -2827.

B-52B 53-0377. -0378, -0379, -0380 ("Ciudad Juarez"), -0383, -0385, -0386, -0387,  -0388 (the first "City of El Paso"), -0389, -0390, -0391, -0392, -0394 (the second "City of El Paso"),  -0395, -0396, -0397 and -0398.  (There was a "Ciudad Juarez II", but the serial has yet to be identified.)

KC-135A 58-0054, -0085 and 62-3559.

HU-16B 51-0006

C-123B ?????

B-36J 52-2220 95thBW 95thBW B-36J

When the 95th Bomb Wing was activated in 1953, it was equipped with B-36Ds.  Over the ensuing years those would give way to B-36Hs and B-36Js, with two of the surviving B-36s being ex95th birds. 52-2220 went to the Air Force Museum in 1959 where she is now displayed indoors.  The above photo is of her before restoration.  (USAF)

The other unidentified bird is under an overcast sky at an unknown location.

B-52B 53-0380 Ciudad Juarez 53-0380

B-52B 53-0380 was the first Ciudad Juarez, the aircraft shotdown by a New Mexico ANG F-100A.  (John Paul Jones)

B-52B 53-0388 City of El Paso 53-0388 B-52 City of El Paso

53-0388 was the first City of El Paso.  (John Paul Jones)

B-52B 53-0394 City of El Paso 53-0394 City of El Paso

The second City of El Paso was 53-0394.  This aircraft was eventually flown to the US Air Force Museum, but was sadly scrapped in the early 1990s.

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