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Welcome to the website of LACAMBALAM!


Here you can find information about Maya, Aztec and Mixtec codices.


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This is my Dresden Maya Codex.




Reproduced are 14 pages: pages 4 to 17 of the original codex. I have chosen this part, because it is the only part, which can be reconstructed with a good degree of confidence.


To make this reproduction, I have carefully studied the complete codex, in order to reconstruct the missing hieroglyphs or damaged god figures. Then, in a work of several months, I did a master drawing with Chinese ink on Fabriano Paper. This master drawing has been scanned and printed.


The colors are original, as far as it was possible, because every facsimile print actually looks different. Apart from that, the original colors obviously have faded substantially.




Here is a detail where you may compare my drawing with the original.




The red and black dots and bars, which are numbers of the Maya calendar, have been reconstructed or corrected according to the logic of the Maya calendar.


If you order one of my codices, it will come with an information sheet, which explains the history of the codex and describes the most important maya gods.


The information is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian and Japanese!




The next picture shows a reproduction of a part of the Borgia Codex, the most beautiful Aztec codex.







By the way, the first page is the last page, since the Aztec codices are read from right to left.

It shows the god of life, Quetzalcoatl, ad the god of the underworld, Mictlantecuhtli.


If you like to copy the picture in better resolution, then click here!



Here there is a detail where you may compare my drawing with the original.






The next picture shows a reproduction of a part of the Codex Nuttall, the most beautiful Mixtec codex.

The codex is a pictoric description of the life of the warrior-priest 8 Deer, who lived from 1063 to 1115 AD.




This picture shows the conquest of an island in the Maya area,

possibly in the states of Tabasco or Campeche. The expedition takes place at night.

The warriors are a lord 9 Water,

the Mixtec king 8 Deer „Jaguar Paw“

and the Toltec king 4 Jaguar.

The expedition takes place in the year 1098. Only the name 9 Water appears on this page.

The signs 10 Snake, 11 Death and 12 Deer are day signs,

which means, the expedition lasted 3 days.


Click here for big resolution.


Year 1099. A lord gives a pectoral of turquoise and jade to the king 8 Deer on the day 3 Monkey.

Three days later, on the day 6 Jaguar, the king of the Toltecs 4 Jaguar (left)

and the Mixtec king 8 Deer (right) play ball in the city of Jade.

They are betting jewelry.

Three days later, on the day 9 Earthquake,

4 Jaguar (left), 8 Deer (center) and his older half brother 12 Earthquake (right)

go on an expedition with boats.

38 days later, on the day 8 Eagle, in the year Jahre 1100 (year 10 Flint),

they pass the place of reeds.

13 days later, on the day 8 Rabbit, they pass a smoking vulcano.


Click here for big resolution.


Hello kids!

Here is a drawing to color in for you!


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Would you like to possess a really unique handpainted maya codex?


I have one and only one handpainted maya codex, painted on authentic amate paper, to offer. This one has 12 pages. The amate paper is one piece. Comes with a bag in imitation jaguar fur!


Make me an offer if you are interested. Only serious offers please! Do not waste my time with anything under a five digit number!







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In English:

Who likes to calculate from the maya date to the Gregorian Calendar should, check this website.

Even the Correlation constant may be changed,

for everyone, who has still not understood when the Cero Day was.

Who likes to see the famous roll-out-photos of Justin Kerrs Maya-Vases



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