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Douglas (DAC) Commercial Airliners

In the above photo, Turkmenistan 717-22K EZ-A103 (55155/5086) is seen returning to Long Beach (LGB)
from a pre-delivery test flight.
(Photo By Michael J. Carter)

If you like McDonnell Douglas Aircraft as much as I do, then you have found the website for you.

I grew up in and still live in Long Beach just minutes from the Douglas Aircraft factory. Over the years I have witnessed
the first flights of the DC-10, MD-80, MD-87, MD-11, MD-90, and the MD-95 (717-200)
and have seen hundreds of pre-delivery test flights.

Since Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas in August 1997, the great Douglas name has slowly been disappearing.
My goal with this website is to keep the Douglas name alive and be a gathering place for those
who feel the same about DAC commercial airliners.

I will also include some of my favorite subjects that are not related to Douglas (DAC) Aircraft,
yes I do have a few other aviation interests. My Favorite Airlines pages are a must see,
as I do have complete fleet lists for each airline along with photo galleries.

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777-200/300, A340-2/3/5/6

Southwest Airlines, jetBlue, jetsgo

Created By
Michael J. Carter

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