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NEWS:, a large scale programming website is now open to the public. Tutorials, help, forums, and free source code.

Technical Difficulties is a site designed to help people with problems that nobody will tell you.Ive called loads of hotlines trying to figure out why IE (internet explorer) wasnt working. NOBODY, not even aol said it could be web site blockings. I dont believe it took me that long to figure out. But thats not the news...


Oh boy, There's nothin like putting high quality video into 3.5 megs a minute. I gotta be the king. Get some Video compression tools and info here...
I must be the ONLY dude who notices this, WMV is one AWESOME compression technique. i dont use it though, i go divx these days. Whats divx u ask? video compression page<-----

Update: The great Zeroman has hit 1.5 megs a minute, GOOD quality! find out how.

As days (and tears) go by, I come across major problems with my comp. I KNOW im not the only dude who comes across these. So, when I find a solution, I post it. Recently my problem was "where the hell did all the space on my i hard drive go?!?!?" I found out.And Many other problems answered on that page.

technical difficulties is a wing of the ZEROMAN sites. Zeroman is a man who decided he was fed up with false links, mirror sites, and spam. Zeroman's domain, craken's world, and any other site is guarenteed to be 100% genuine. On my page i provide NO remote linking, Broken links, images, or false information. However, Writing a website in raw html can be Very time consuming. I NEVER use programs like front page. I dont believe in them. i think letting a program do the work and then taking the credit is well... fraudelent. (heh).Also, 56k land is getting old, stuff might not be up as soon as i hope in some cases, so bookmark and keep visiting. ZEROMAN...
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