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Penguin Theme

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Film Canister Penguins

35mm film container (body) with its lid (flippers)
2 - 5mm wiggle eyes
white construction paper (stomach)
black construction paper (flippers)
orange or yellow construction paper (feet & beak)

Glue the eyes near the top of the container (open side down). Cut an oval shape from white construction paper for the penguins stomach. Glue it below the eyes.  Cut the lid in half for flippers.  Glue the flippers at the penguins sides (you may want to pre-glue these with a hot glue gun). Cut a heart shape from orange/yellow construction paper for feet. Glue it to the bottom of the container with the tip of the heart pointing to the back of the penguin. Cut a diamond shape from orange/yellow construction paper. Fold it in half. Glue the bottom half of the diamond to the container right below the eyes.

For a finger puppet, don't glue on the feet - children can stick their fingers inside the canister for a puppet.

I'm A Little Penquin
   (Tune: I'm A Little Teapot)

I'm a little penquin in the snow.
I slide on my tummy to and fro.
I eat the fish from the deep blue sea.
I'm black and white, just look at me.

How Much Is That Penquin?
   (Tune: How Much Is That Doggy In The Window)

How much is that penguin in the window?
The one is the black and white suit.
How much is that penguin in the window?
I do think that penguin's so cute.

Special thanks to
Penguin Graphics Courtesy of ClassiCreations
for the graphics for this page.

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