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Craft Recipes
for some *Beary* Interesting Stuff 
Flubber, Magic Sand, Crayons, Chalk.....

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~~Dyed Pasta~~
Food coloring
paper cups
uncooked pasta (any shape/size)

Dilute the food coloring in paper cups filled with water.  Put uncooked pasta in cups; let stand for several minutes to half an hour.  The longer the time, and the less water you use, the darker the colors will be.  Do not soak pasta for more than half an hour or it may turn soggy.

~~Bubble Solution~~
1/3 cup dish soap or baby shampoo
1 1/4 cups water
2 tsp. sugar
1 drop food coloring

Combine ingredients and pour into an unbreakable bottle.  To blow bubbles, experiment using plastic straws, pipe cleaners formed into loops, strawberry baskets, spoons with holes in them, or anything you can think of!

~~Soap Crayons~~
Mix two parts Ivory Snow powder with one part water until thick and creamy.  Add food coloring or tempera for color.   Pour into ice cube trays, molds, or cookie cutters.  Allow to harden, then use as crayons.

~~Magic Sand~~
Mix equal parts of clean dry sand and powdered tempera paint.  Can be used in place of glitter!  Make several colors....Store in airtight containers or baggies....for sprinkling fill a baby food jar with magic sand and punch tiny holes in the lid.  (Make sure lid on tight...or kids will dump whole thing on their artwork!!)  Shake off access onto newspaper and you can reuse by pouring back into jar!

~~Magic Sand Dough~~
3 cups magic sand (recipe)
2 1/4 cups hot water
1 1/2 cups cornstarch
3 tsp. alum

Mix sand, cornstarch, and alum in saucepan.  Add hot water and cook over heat until thickened.  Remove and knead.

~~Magic Sand Castles~~
6 cups magic sand (recipe)
1 cup paper paste (recipe)

Mix until clay like consistency.  Use any plastic containers for molds i.e. small yogurt containers, sour cream containers to build and shape your castles!

~~Fruity Lip Gloss~~
2 Tbs. solid shortening
1 Tbs. fruit-flavored powered drink mix
35 mm plastic film container

Mix shortening and powdered drink mix together in a small microwave-safe container until smooth. Place container in the microwave on high for 30 seconds until mixture becomes a liquid. Pour the mixture into a plastic film container or any other type of small airtight container. Place the Fruity Lip Gloss mixture in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes or until firm.

Ideas: Decorate your fruity lip gloss container, using markers, glitter, or adhesive-backed shelf paper. Or, create a fruity lip gloss necklace by placing an O-ring (found in any hardware store) around a plastic film container filled with fruity lip gloss. Tie a piece of yarn or string to the O-ring.

~~Sidewalk Chalk~~ 
1/3 cup plaster of paris (quick setting)
3 teaspoon water
1 tablespoon paint
glitter (optional)

Mix all ingredients. Scoop into empty toilet paper tube or for smaller pieces scoop into plastic ice cube trays. Let set for 20 minutes. Peel off cardboard/empty trays. Let dry for at least 24 hours.

~~Rainbow Crayons~~
Foil baking cups (the kind used for cupcakes)
Old broken crayons - all colors!

Place a foil baking cup in each cup of a muffin tin. Chop the old peeled crayons into 1/4'' pieces and place them in the baking cups. Heat the crayons at 400 degrees for five minutes or until the crayon pieces just begin to melt. Remove them before the colors mix together and become "muddy".   When the crayons have cooled, peel off the baking cups. The rainbow crayons are ready to use. 

~~Gooey Goop~~
8 oz bottle of household glue
large bowl
8 oz water
poster paint or food coloring
small bowl or measuring cup
1 cup warm water
1 1/2 teaspoon borax powder

Squeeze the entire bottle of glue into a big bowl. Then fill the empty glue bottle with water and add to the glue. Stir alot. Add several drops of poster paint. You can mix colors or use just one. (I find that the kids love the surprise of adding an extra color and seeing what emerges).  In the smaller bowl, stir together the cup of warm water and borax powder and stir until it's dissolved. Don't worry if you can't get all of the little clumps to disappear completely. Slowly, stirring constantly, pour the borax mixture into the glue mixture. Stir and swirl the results with your hands until the goop forms into gooey globs and starts slowly oozing from your slippery grasp. Kids will light up during this part.

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