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September 4thYou may have noticed, but there were some crazy ass problems with the site for a while. Apparently angelfire needed to put that stupid banner ad up there and doing that fucked up my code, so no one could view the site. Anyway, I think I have it fixed now. But let me know if there are any problems.
July 6thShows page updated. Also check out westboundsound.com for some news concerning Westbound Train
May 20thAs you have probably noticed, I haven't been updating too much recently. Unfortunatly the e-mail address that I put on all the mailing lists isn't working so I'm not getting all the info that I'm normally getting. On top of that I'm in Alaska so if I'm not cutting it for you check out Just Another Scene for info on just about every show in New England. I'll be back to my old tricks once I get back on those mailing lists and back to CT.

Anyway take a look around, use the links on the left to navigate. Most of the things are pretty self explainatory. I'm writing zine articles whenever I can fit them in, the CD reviews are comming along, and there are some awesome links on my links page. When you're done, you can be really cool and sign my guset book. Anyone signing the book recieves a free link to their page an the checkered_dan links site.

Some thoughts for the future of checkered_dan - I'd like to get more people reviewing CDs, writing zine articles, posting interviews and anything else really. So if you're a starving artist/writer/music fan and just want to get your name out there send me your stuff and I'll put it up. Furthermore, bands, please e-mail me if you are playing shows in the New England area. I can't always go looking through every single website when I need to update my shows page.

Music of the minute:
Searching for a Melody - Westbound Train

Quote of the forever:
"You need some direction in life." -- My Soil Mechanics teacher to me after I got a 35 on a test.

I am 75% Ska

Yeah I thought that I would have done better,
but I wasn't in the high school band. :(

Have witnessed the madness.

color scheme unrepentantly stolen from "Ska Sucks" (a liberation records comp)
cd cover images stolen too....so sue me

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