Wow... welcome to the land of I need to update. I'll get on it, I swear. I'm still having problems finding a new home for "The View From Behind The Desk". I'm also trying to find help with the move from some friends so it has been slow going. I'll try to fix all broken links throughout this week, though, so be on the look-out for that. I'll also make a new banner for the site... seeing as it is no longer 2005. >_<

I also wanna pimp a new online project that I've been asked to pimp. xD I checked it out and it's cool so I thought I'd pass it along-
Calling all Criminal Intent fans!
There is a new online project that involves people playing the CI characters like they are real people with real LJs. You can comment and stuff just as if they were any other LJer. Like, you comment to my LJ, you can comment on theirs. It's a neat concept and Robert Goren, Alex Eames, and Mike Logan all have LJs. You can friend them and interact with them. It's like if you go to http://www.usanetwork.com/monk and check out the character blogs they have for Monk and company there. Come- read- friend- comment- enjoy!
Robert Goren
Alex Eames
Mike Logan

This site is STILL sitting in first place on an NBC poll for best "Law&Order" sites as chosen by viewers and the people at NBC...Wow...Thanks to whoever submitted this site to them and to all those out there who have voted this site 1st. :)
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I might jump up on the food cart and set myself on fire...<~my lovely LiveJournal

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