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Tenkaichi Budoukai News

1/22/2001 4:29 PM PT


I am trying to contact everyone to see who is still willing to participate in the 1 VS 1 TOURNAMENT. So if you still want to be part of the 1 vs 1 tournament, or if you don't want to, contact me through the forums or something, i am also trying to contact you

Also, I still need a link to Q3 Server Wizard please contact me, thank you.

1/21/2001 10:22 PM PT


AN UPDATE! I am actually updating the site. There are a few reasons we haven't been updating, one is that i forgot the password and coudln't get in, secondly is that there hasn't been much to update. But this is the deal with the tournament. The 1 vs. 1 tourney we are going to look into to see about people who have left and how well we can organize it. We may put new people in those spots, just give those people byes who fight people who left, or do entirely new draws for the tournament and make a new bracket. The team tourney is being suspended untill after the 1 vs. 1 tourney is over. This is because the team tourney has a hell of a lot more people involved (i believe 32 teams of 5 so you do the math. We aren't even going to think about organizing that untill later. Keep checking for updates about tourney start times, and information about brackets.

Also, if anyone has a link to Q3 Server Wizard please contact me, thank you.

07/16/2001 8:47 PM PT


It's a mad mad mad mad world folks. It looks like our good friend VegetaMight is coming back out of retirement. That means he will that the place of who ever drops out next. If that doesn't happen, then he will fighter the winner of the CagraMan vs. The Antagonist match and the winner will move on from there (I'll update the fighters sections in a day or so). We'll see how things turn out. On another note, Cell's Dog is getting married. Thats right, the wedding will be in about one year and we wish him and his fiance the best of luck. :)

07/04/2001 7:18 PM PT


Another thing, ssjgotenks145 will be at camp until late August. So try not to e-mail him until then.

07/04/2001 12:44 PM PT


Hey everyone, happy 4th of July to all the Americans and Happy belated Canada Day to all the Canadians. I'm proud to say the the official Bid For Power site has linked us! I really want thank IcyDeath for doing so. Onto other news, I'm also happy to report that The Antagonist is now in our tournament to take VegetaMight's place, so we once again have 32 members in out single player tournament. I also made the changes to the Fighter's list and the Bios section to accomodate (hehe, semi-big word) for the changes.

06/29/2001 9:50 PM PT

Kaio-ken Master

I'mmmmm Baaaaaaack. Movie reference if you didn't know. Anyway, I have been back for a while now, but I just didn't feel like updating. It's not like I was too lazy to do it, but I just don't like updating without having actual content. Oh well. Anyways, I am actually going to do something for the site soon. I am going to make a new section that is just for things that happen in my life (such as the tournament I just went to). I don't know why I am doing it, I just feel like it. And there really isn't that much else to do.

And I am sorry to see VegetaMight go. He was my first friend that I made on the forum. I will miss you, buddy. And I am also dissapointed that I won't get to kill you in BFP. :)

Also, keep tuned to Bid For Power: Tactical Assault for some tactics to use in BFP when it finally cmes out. They have some good people on that site (excluding SSj4 God of course :) [j/k you know I am joking]). Plus, Overlord said they should have some new juicy BFP pics up soon. And that's always good.

06/27/2001 9:47 PM PT


Cool, two updates in one day! Well here's the deal. I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that CagraMan is now in our tournament and that Kaio-ken Master has finally returned from his little trip. The bad news is that ssjwizard and VegetaMight are now out of our tournament. :( In case you're wondering, ssjwizrd is out because he disappeared from the face of the Earth. VM is gone because he felt that it was time for him to move on from his computer life and go to console games. Its sad when you see someone move on, but its probably for the best. Good luck to you VegetaMight. And I don't want anyone even bother asking me if you can take VM's place in the tourney. I've already got people in mind. You can also expect more updates from me for a while. Some small changes might be comming to this site. Now if only the other admins would updare besides me and sskgotenks145 *wink* *wink* :)

06/27/2001 9:34 AM PT


Ok, we have all our teams now. The brackets are up in the matches section.

06/18/2001 10:00 PM PT


Small news: I updated the link section with my RPG. We have 28 teams so i will only accept 4 more before i make the brackets. Again, if you have not already done so, team leaders need to send me their tourney name (as opposed to their real one), team name, and email address. I only have 17 of the 28 teams so far. Most recently regestred teams have done so already but check with me anywany. Also, post your team picture in the forums.

06/13/2001 6:32 PM PT


Hey guys, Kaio-ken Master has left for a trip and is competeing in the Midwest Street Fighter Cahmpionships, so he will be gone for 2 weeks. Try to send all your e-mails to me or one of the other team members until then. And good luck KKM. =)

06/13/2001 12:00 PM PT


We have 26 teams in the tourney right now and i will only be accpeting 6 more to make it an even 32. After that i will draw the brackets. Also, if you have not already done so, team leaders need to send me their tourney name (as opposed to their real one), team name, and email address. I only have 15 of the 26 teams so far. Most recently regestred teams have done so already but check with me anywany. Also, post your team picture in the forums.

06/08/2001 6:45 PM PT


I updated True Mystic's, Tylan's, and overlord's names in the profiles and such. If there is anyone I missed, please tell me asap. There are stil open slots for the team tourney so anyone is still free to join. If we don't get enough people for every team we might end up combining a few. Later.

05/29/2001 7:50 PM PT


I added one more link to the links section that i've been holding out on. But I will be accepting no more links at the moment.

05/28/2001 6:50 PM PT


I added a files section. Soon I may end team submissions and start making the brackets. Also, each team needs a pic as its symbol for the brackets. It should be a little bigger than an avatar, but any pic can be resized by KKM. Post your pics in the fourm.

Some team leaders still haven't given me the information i requested, please get that to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

05/28/2001 4:28 PM PT


I did a little more website fix-up today and I added another small section, nothing too new. There's really not much else to do on this site until Bid For Power is actually released, so don't be surprsied if the updates are not as frequent for a while.

05/24/2001 3:13 PM PT


Unfortunately, this week is slower than I thought it would be. But not to worry, I'm working on a new section now which should be up in the next few days so make sure to check back often.

05/22/2001 3:30 PM PT


I am asking all the leaders of the team to email me this information:

Email address
Your tourney name
Team Name

The only teams i don't need are Majin Legacy, Raging super saiya-jins, and Third Eye. Thanks a lot.

05/19/2001 10:50 PM PT


I made an entirely new BFP Goku vid, its much better, You have to LEFT click:

Newer BFP Goku Music Video

05/17/2001 5:27 PM PT


Sorry for the lack of updates guys. Its just been an incredibly slow week, for me anyways. I'm just doing some general editing around the site right now, nothing big. If you have recently joined the BFP Tournament Forum, I will add your screen name to the bios section tonight.

05/16/2001 2:21 PM PT


I added Vegeta for President's site to the link section. I also gave a number out of 10 rating each site at the end of each review.

05/14/2001 6:32 PM PT


I added summaries to the links section.

Also, when submitting a team, try to be deatiled about the open slots. Are they open? reserved? I don't know if you don't tell me. Some people have really helped me by making it clear about their team. Also, if you want to be put on a team. Please specify whether you want to be put on a random team. Thanks a lot, this will make my life a lot easier.

05/12/2001 7:25 PM PT

Kaio-ken Master

Hey all, it's your friendly nieborhood Spider......uh KKM. I haven't actually done anything with my PSP7 gone. And I spent too much money on my mom's present (mother's day), so I can't buy it. :( But I will get by somehow. And please visit Gundam Universe. It is a badass Gundam mod for Q3. And if you don't visit it, I will be beaten to death with a lead pipe by SuperMan. :) Anyways, seeya.

05/12/2001 7:25 PM PT


A couple of small updates for today. The Bios and History section are now combined, so people don't have to go section hopping. We know the poll has error messgaes galore and we're currently working on it. Onto team tournament news, we've pretty much decided we will have 16 teams of 5 if we can get that many, if not, we'll just go with what we have.

05/12/2001 12:05 PM PT


I have been pain stakingly trying to put all the teams together lately. Also, i fixed the links section, all the links work now. Tambien, the Yankees are now in first place!

05/11/2001 9:15 PM PT


:Yawn: SSj4 God, there is no word for "the" in Japanese so all you need is "bakas" :) . I did a little work around the site today and I finally uploaded the links section (thanks to SSj4 God for actually putting it on the page). It has been a little hectic tonight but I think things are finally getting under control again. I guess I'll combine the Bios section and they History section tomorrow.

05/11/2001 8:12 PM PT

SSj4 God

Los bakas (ah...the confusion of mixing Japanese and Spanish, hehe).  I've fixed the entire webpage so that the poll to your left appears on ALL pages instead of the poll changing between them.  I've also added BFP: Tactical Assault (another BFP site of which I am a part) to the new links section, who is favored to win in each 1 v 1 battle, and I've removed clan {KI} from the team tournament for reasons I shant get into (apparantly War_Bot already has done so...).  I've also updated my personal history to better suit me (I would've combined the bio and history sections into one, as that's most logical, but it was too much work).

Oh...of course...the BIG NEWS *whips out the GREAT BIG STICK OF BIG HONKING NEWS*!!  My team is 80% complete, with the latest addition being BeanyMan007 who defected from another team in favor of being on a team who's leader is a winner :D

05/11/2001 8:14 PM PT


As you may/may not of already heard about the team with a beta of BFP. They will be banned from the our forums, tournament, and team tournament. If anyone in our tournament or team tournament has a beta of BFP, delete it now and you won't be banned. It is better to delete then take the chance that we won't find out, because losing the chance to be in the tournament isn't worth it.

05/10/2001 7:44 AM PT


Many people couldn't figure out how to join the team tourney so i added a "How to join" link.

05/08/2001 6:50 PM PT


Heyyyyyyyyyyy you guys! I'm working on a Links section right now which should be up in a couple of days. If you think I should put one up that is BFP or some kind of mod related, then send it to me. I also might be working on bios for some of the people in the Team Tournament.

By the way, I'm now on Cell's Dog team. :)

05/08/2001 2:42 PM PT


I have been organizing the team tourney and trying to get people on teams lately. I posted this in the forum but just to make sure everyone sees it ive decided to write it here. It seems that a lot of people are haveing touble getting teams together. You can submit your incomplete teams with open slots (where random people will be put on your team) or reserved slots (where you will go and choose who else is on your team). This way it gives me a sense of how many teams we will have.

Also, if you want to be put on a random team. E-mail me and i will do so for you.

05/06/2001 5:15 PM PT

Kaio-ken Master

Ok, I have been working on that graphic that I told all of you about. But, unfortunatly, my brother gets my comp for the next week or so. So I am forced to use his crappy labtop. :( And I was trying to finish the graphic last night, but my version of PSP7 ran out at about 8:00PM (MST) last night. So I need to find an alternative that doesn't require me to have any money (ie. free ^_^ ) And HF, I need to talk to you about something. But I can only comunicate in e-mail for now. So just e-mail me when you read this. Thx. And anyone who can give me a free program that is good for cutting and pasteing, please send me a URL I can d/l it at. Thx. Seeya.

05/05/2001 7:10 PM PT


I'm doing a lot of web page maintenance right now so things will be more organozed and will have a more professional look. As you see the Fighter's Bios section is back up and running and I'll have the "fictional bios" and "matches" sections up withing the next few hours. I will also be putting some of the old updates back up.

05/05/2001 10:10 PM PT


I added the link to the teams section on the new site. The rules for subitting teams and such are there too. I took off my flashing avatar too.

05/04/2001 5:18 PM PT


I finally be back after a week without internet. If you were wondering why I was gone for awhile{and I know you all do}, I moved from CA to WA. Anyways, this is SSj4 Gods web page layout {witch is alot beter then the old one}. This page is still in the making and will be updated very often intil its good and done or we grow fat and lazy. I'm amazed to come ack to the page seeing 2000+ hits and 500+ posts {most of both are from ssjgotenks145 =]}. Anyways, look forward to many updates and such.

05/01/2001 11:47 AM PT


Hey guys, I'm almost done codeing the "Fighter's Bio's" section so it should be up by tomorrow if all goes well. Right now, they are not fictional, but I think I will hold a poll when *War_Bot* gets back to see if people want them to be fictional. SSj4 God has been working his ass off lately and has even made a new layout, which we are once again wait until War gets back to get to go ahead. Later.


04/30/2001 9:43 PM PT

SSj4 God

At last I have taken control of your T.V. set.  Are you recieving me?  I've been...adopted by members of the site who shall go unnamed and thus I have created this more...presentable web format.  We also have a kickarse new flash intro (which I'm sure all our regular visitors have seen) plus a new banner (^) and a nice flash teaser thingy (-->).  ENJOY!!

04/29/2001 6:45 PM PT

Kaio-ken Master

Ok, I made an archive section for the news, for no apparant reason. I didn't even put a background color because I am so lazy. :P Anyway, I haven't really been working. I have been busy with stuff. School, work, girlfriend.......wait. I don't have one of those...... ^_^ Anyways, I would just like to announce that I have decided to add SSj4 God and ssjgotenks145 to our staff. Why? SSj4 God can help with images (by help I mean do nearly all of them). And ssjgotenks145 is going to host his own tournament on this site. A team tournament. I don't know too much of the details yet, but it sounds like a good idea. So......there ya go. Less work for me. ^_^ That's about it. But I haven't been able to get in touch with SSj4 God......maybe tomorrow. I would also like to suggest you guys get an anime as Human_Fighter did. Um.......have any of you heard of Dragon Ball Z? ^_^ (I like emocons)

04/30/2001 2:14 PM PT


Hey guys, I apolozize on my lack of updates and work on the site so far. School has been a real pain in my ass lately. But don't worry, I'll have plenty of updates in the next few days. Until then you can bug KKM ;)

By the way, as an off topic note, I highly suggest all of you to buy the manga or animé "Oh My Goddess". Very funny stuff.

04/29/2001 6:45PM PT

Kaio-ken Master

Ok, that bracket graphic that I am making is gonna be a bit more visual. I am gonna put a pic next to the fighters name on the graphic. So i need every combatant to either post a pic that you want on the forum, or send one to me on e-mail. If you have the ability to change the size of the pic, try and make it no bigger then 100 X 100 pixels. Ok? If you an't alter the pic, just send it to me and I will change it for ya. If you don't send me a pic, I will either just have your name in the graphic. Or I will pick a pic for ya. Check ya later.



FYI:  The Unofficial Tenkaichi Budokai is UNOFFICIAL, and thus does not have the official blessing from the Bid For Power staff.  The tournament is entirely fan-oriented, and has no legal affiliation with Bid For Power or FUNimation LTD.

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