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As of 20th July 2002

Lycos Top 50
1. Dragonball
3. KaZaA

Yahoo! Buzz
6. Nelly
7. Dragonball Z
8. Austin Powers in Goldmember

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This section was created because I found that when I was giving people reasons why I couldn't link them it turned into a review of their site! So I thought why not make a section out of it, so here it is. Here you can view my reviews already done and apply to have your own site reviewed.


- None yet


There are only a few rules regarding Website Submissions, please follow them before submitting your site.

1) Must be a DB/Z/GT site, not a site about cars with a DBZ section
2) No Hentai
3) Must be a nice webmaster, if not you won't get reviewed ^_^
4) No Stolen Content, especially from here, or you will pay!


Here you can apply to have your website reviewed by e-mailing SSJHitch with the following information:

1) Website Title
2) URL
3) Your Name
4) Your E-Mail
5) Aim Screen Name (If You Have One)

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