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As of 20th July 2002

Lycos Top 50
1. Dragonball
3. KaZaA

Yahoo! Buzz
6. Nelly
7. Dragonball Z
8. Austin Powers in Goldmember

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Link Submission - Here's your chance to submit a site to The Saiyan Elite's link section, but there are some requirements. These are explained if you follow the link.

Fan Art Submission - This is your chance to send us your DBZ art work. All fan art will be displayed on our Fan Art Page, with the exception of hentai. All work must be attached in JPEG or GIF format.

Fan Fiction Submission - Here is the place to submit your very own Dragonball/Z/GT story. I will accept all submissions for the Fan Fiction section, and if it's a great story it may be rewarded with it's own section. All work must be in .txt or .doc format.

Humor Submission - Here you can submit something to our humor section. Please include in the E-mail which section the submission is meant for. Files must be .jpg or .gif for image submissions and anything goes (within reason) for the Sound Files and Funny Stuff sections.

Episode Review Submission - If you'd like to review an episode for us then drop us a line. But you must set out the e-mail in this format:
1) Episode Name
2) Japanese/English
3) Review

Wallpaper Submission - If you'd like to submit a Wallpaper for The Saiyan Elite's Galleries. Please include the artist's name and the title of the piece in your e-mail. All submissions must be JPEG or GIF format.

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