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As of 20th July 2002

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Here is my choice of the best Dragonball/Z/GT links out there. If you would like to submit a link please click here.

Dragonball - The official site of Dragonball

Dragonball Z - The official site of Dragonball Z

DBZ Collectible Card Game - The card game based on the show

Viz.com - The official site of Viz, the company who publish the Dragonball and Dragonball Z manga, along with many other great mangas

DBZ/GT Legacy - One of the best Dragonball sites on the net

The DBZ Network - Another one of the best sites around and also my new host! Check them out, you will not be dissapointed

Pojo's DBZ - A great source of DBZ info and CCG info

DBGT Network - Another excellent site for Dragonball information and multimedia. they have tons of content. One of my favorites.

Saiya-Jin.co.uk - The best looking DBZ site I have EVER seen! It is a site done entirely in flash and it looks great! Also its a British site!!!

Saiyanz Power - A truly great DBZ site. It has many sections which cannot be found else where, like the Aura Guide. Also includes a mini Seven Star Dragonball section which reviews only the best sites.

SSJ4Kain's Homepage - Yet another webmaster who is great at what he does. SSJ4Kain's page is very well laid out and is full of original information. Also his game walkthroughs are excellent and need checking out.

Masenko-Ha - This site is back and promises to be great once again. The information is excellent here and continues to grow all the time. Original information that is no where else, like the brilliant Speed Calculations.

DBZ Tenkaichi - This is a great DBZ site with tons of information, most of it very original too, like the Facial Expressions. Also has a good Multimedia section with some great Daizenshuu scans. Well worth a look.

DBZ Fan Emporium - A great site that is full of tons of original information and is guaranteed to get a laugh. Also very kindly made the site's banner. Many thanks

Ultra Super Saiyan - A very nice little site that has a few original sections. Also has a fairly good Mutlimedia section.

Daimoa's Village - A very original site. It is a shrine to Piccolo Daimoa and does it very well. Has a good layout and good information and multimedia sections.

Planet Kanassa - A site with a wealth of DBZ information with original sections like WTF Does That Feel Like? and Social Atributes.

Temple O' Trunks - The BEST Trunks shrine on the net without doubt! So much content on everyone's favorite purple haired wonder.

Dragonball Canada - A site for all the Canadian DBZ fans out there. This site has inormation you don't find anywhere else. A great site.

Majin Planet - Over 3000 images and a great Music Video section

The Dragonball Coffee Table - THE source for Daizenshuu information and scans. This website has everything you will ever need to know about the Daizenshuu, and then some!

Seven Stars Dragonball - An original site which focuses on reviewing other Dragonball sites. Check to see how we and other Dragonball sites fared

Savage Z - If you're after a laugh then go here. This site is great! MG's humor had me rolling in laughter! He does so much DBZ related humor, like images and stories. A must see.