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Over 100 million years B.C. Earliest Kaio-Sama is thought to exist

About 75 Million years B.C. The 15th generation Kaioshin, Rou Kaioshin, is sealed in the Z Sword.

About 5 Million years B.C. Bibidi, the father of Babadi creates Buu.
Buu destroys a large percentage of the universe.
Buu kills all the Kaioshins apart from West Kaioshin.
Dai Kaioshin is absorbed by Buu, creating the Buu first seen in Dragonball Z.
West Kaioshin kills Bibidi and Buu's shell is sent across the universe, eventually landing on Earth.
West Kaioshin becomes the Dai Kaioshin, as he is the only Kaioshin left alive

Tens of thousands of years B.C. Annin begins to protect the Furnace of Eight Divinations on the border between the real world and the "Other World".

4237 B.C. Garlic Jr's ancestors migrate to the Earth from their home, the Makyo Star.

739 B.C. Jadoushin becomes the Princess of Snake Way, and moves into her castle at the side of the path.

Approximately 238 B.C. The Legendary Super Saiyan appears and begins his destruction of the Universe.

Approximately 250 A.D. Uranai Baba's fortune telling business is set up.

261 A.D. Enma-Daio travels Snake Way and begins his training with Kaio-Sama.
On his journey he meets Princess Snake and she falls in love with him.
On Planet Namek, violent storms ravage the planet and destroy many of the life giving Ajisa plants.
Kattatsu sends his son away on a space ship to avoid death.
However the storms stop and no one follows the child.
The child encounters problems and is makes a forced landing on planet Earth.
His name is Piccolo.

430 A.D. Master Roshi is born.

431 A.D. Piccolo becomes Kami-Sama's apprentice.

448 A.D. Master Roshi is now 18 and training under Mutaito with Tsuru-Sennin.
He falls in love with Ran-Ran.

459 A.D. Tao Pai Pai is born.

461 A.D. Garlic assaults Kami for not choosing him as his successor.
He is defeated and trapped by Kami-Sama.
Piccolo is chosen to become the new Kami-Sama.
Kami manages to expel the evil from his heart and it forms Piccolo Daimao.
Daimao begins a reign of terror across the Earth, however he is sealed in the Denshi Jar by Mutaito's Mafuba technique.
Mutaito dies as a result of performing the Mafuba.

474 A.D. Dabura inspects the Earth for powerful warriors.

Approximately 550 A.D. The first Saiya-Jin land on the planet Plant in a mysterious ship.

553 A.D. Master Roshi starts his to build his collection of dirty magazines.

Approximately 650 A.D. Master Roshi finds the Sanshinkyu (3-Star Dragonball) on the beach of his island.

650 A.D. 7th May The first Tenkaichi Budoukai takes place.

658 A.D. Son Gohan is born.

662 A.D. Kami-Sama tells Mr. Popo about his childhood.

698 A.D. Toninjinka (Boss Rabbit) is born.

715 A.D. Emperor Pilaf is born.

720-730 A.D. The Saiya-Jin and the Tsufuru-Jin engage in a war for control of the planet Plant.
The Tsufuru scientist Dr. Raichi is killed.
The Saiya-Jin win the war and wipe out the Tsufuru-Jin race.
The Saiya-Jin rename the planet Plant, the planet Vegeta.
They adapt Tsufuru technology such as the spacepods and the scouters.
The Saiya-Jin begin to travel in space and they meet aliens from other planets for the first time.

722 A.D. The Red Ribbon Army's General Blue is born.

730 A.D. Tao Pai Pai becomes an assassin.

731 A.D. The Saiya-Jin begin working for Freeza and start clearing planets of life ready for sale.
King Vegeta marries his queen.

732 A.D. Prince Vegeta is born.

733 A.D. Bulma, Yamcha, and Tenshinhan are born.

733 A.D. 8th May Earth's current king is crowned.

Approximately 735 A.D. Freeza starts to feel misgivings toward the Saiya-Jin.
It begins a period of controlled chaos.

736 A.D. Kuririn is born

737 A.D. A low class Saiya-Jin fighter is born to the middle class fighter Bardock.
His father rejects him as a failure. He is tested to have a power level of 2 and is therefore sent to a low risk planet: Earth so he can destroy it when he grows older. His name is Kakarot.
Planet Vegeta gains control of the planets Meat and Kanassa thanks to Bardock's team.
King Vegeta's revolt against Freeza ends in failure and the King is killed by Freeza.
Freeza destroys all the Saiya-Jin and the planet Vegeta.
Bardock dies trying to protect planet Vegeta and his future.
Kakarot lands on Earth.
Gyu Mao's daughter Chi-Chi is born. His wife dies shortly after the birth.
June/August Son Gohan finds a small baby in the woods. He names him Son Goku.

738 A.D. Son Goku hits his head on a rock after falling down a cliff and almost dies. When he recovers he suffers from amnesia and forgets everything about his origins. He becomes a happy, loving boy.

739 A.D. Gyu Mao and Chi-Chi are having a picnic at the foot of Mount Pleasant, which their castle is atop. A fire spirit falls from Hell and sets the mountain ablaze. Gyu Mao and Chi-Chi are trapped at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain is renamed Mount Frypan.

740 A.D. Oolong is born.
Krillin begins his training at the Orinji Temple.
Bebi creates Dr. Myu for the purpose of gathering energy so he can be reborn.
Myu is programmed to make Ruudo and all of the other Machine Mutants.

747 A.D. Yamcha meets Pu'ar.

748 A.D. Master Roshi's Phoenix dies of food poisoning. Then, while gathering mushrooms, he finds a baby sea turtle (Umi-Game) who got lost.

749 A.D. 1st - 10th April Bulma enters Senior High School in the Western City.

Sometime in 749 A.D. Bulma discovers the Arushinchu (2-Star Dragonball) in the basement of her house.

749 A.D. 22nd August Bulma discovers the Oshinchu (5-Star Dragonball) in a cave to the north of her house.


749 A.D. 1st September Bulma is on her summer vacation searching for the Dragonballs and meets Son Goku.
Bulma finds out that Son Goku owned the Sushinchu (4-Star Dragonball), thinking it contained his dead Grandfather's soul.

749 A.D. 2nd September
In the morning, Goku and Bulma meet Master Roshi after helping Umi-Game to the sea. He gives Goku a Kintoun as a thank you, and gives Bulma the Sanshinkyu (3-Star Dragonball) after she shows him her panties!

749 A.D. 5th September Son Goku defeats Oolong and is given the Liushinkyu (6-Star Dragonball) by an old woman.

749 A.D. 6th September Son Goku meets Yamcha and fights for the first time. The fight ends in a draw due to Goku's hunger and Yamcha's fear of girls (when he sees Bulma).

749 A.D. 9th September Goku defeats Yamcha in their rematch.
Goku and co meet Gyu-Mao for the first time.
Master Roshi uses the Kamehameha to extinguish the flames on Mount Frypan.
Unfortunately the blast is too strong and blows the mountain and the castle away!
Bulma finds the Chiishinchu (7-Star Dragonball) among the debris.
At about noon, Goku sends Boss Rabbit and his gang to the moon on his Nyoi-Bo.
Shu and Mai steal all but one of the Dragonballs from Son Goku and his friends.
Pilaf summons Shenlong later that night. Oolong uses the wish to get a pair of panties. Later, Goku looks at the moon, turns Oozaru and destroys Pilaf's castle.

749 A.D. 10th September Goku and Kuririn become Master Roshi's disciples after bringing him a "hottie". This is when they meet Lunch and bring her to the Kame House.
Later, Master Roshi moves his house to a larger island more suited for training.
Goku and Kuririn compete in a foot race and rock finding test, with Kuririn being the victor after cheating.

749 A.D. 11th - 13th September Master Roshi, Kuririn and Lunch suffer from food poisoning due to badly prepared puffer fish. Goku does not suffer as he did not eat any.

749 A.D. 14th September At 4:30 AM Goku and Kuririn begin Kame-Sennin's training regime. They train until the Tenkaichi Budokai, 8 months away.

749 A.D. 2nd October The second term of school begins at the West City Senior High School.

750 A.D. 6th April Goku and Kuririn go from 20kg shells to 40kg shells after moving a massive boulder that Kame-Sennin couldn't.

750 A.D. 18th April Commander Silver of the Red Ribbon Army begins his search for the Dragonballs

750 A.D. 6th May Goku, Kuririn and Master Roshi leave the Kame House in the charge of Lunch as they set off to participate in the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai.

750 A.D. 7th May The 21st Tenkaichi Budokai starts. 137 people participate. Jackie Chun becomes the champion. Goku comes in second place.
Goku sets off to find the Sushinchu (4-Star Dragonball)
The Red Ribbon Army get the Liushinkyu (6-Star Dragonball) from Pilaf's base in the desert.
The Red Ribbon Army also get the Oshinchu (5-Star Dragonball).
Goku and Chi-Chi meet again in the Ox King's village.

750 A.D. 8th May Goku single handedly destroys the Red Ribbon Army's Muscle Tower. Goku meets Android #8 for the first time. Goku breaks the Dragon Radar in a fight with Buyon.

750 A.D. 9th May At 11:02 AM Bulma repairs the Dragon Radar.
Goku and General Blue fight in the sky above Penguin Village.
Arale-chan defeats General Blue. Turbo builds Goku a new Dragon Radar.
Tao Pai Pai kills General Blue with only his tongue to demonstrate his power to Supreme Commander Red.
Goku meets Bora and Upa after defeating Colonel Yellow. He receives the Sushinchu (4-Star Dragonball) from Bora.
Tao Pie Pie shows up and kills Bora
Goku meets and fights Tao Pie Pie. He is badly beaten by the assassin.
Goku begins to climb Karin Tower.

750 A.D. 10th May Summer vacation begins at Penguin Village High School.
Goku succeeds in scaling Karin Tower and begins his training, which is to take the Super Holy Water from Karin.

750 A.D. 12th May Goku manages to take the Super Holy Water From Karin after 3 days..
He finds out that it was only plain rain water and it was the trying to take it that made him stronger.
Goku defeats Tao Pai Pai at the base of Karin Tower and sets off to gather the Dragonballs to revive Bora.
He heads out the Red Ribbon Army's base to take their Dragonballs and defeats the entire army on his own!
Goku, Kuririn, Yamcha, Upa and Pu'ar defeat Uranai Babe's five warriors and Goku is reunited with his dead grandpa Son Gohan after fighting him.

750 A.D. July. The rainy season begins in Namu's village on Namek.

750 - 753 A.D. Goku runs around the World as part of his training.
In Chao village he fights Kinkaku and Ginkaku.
Goku meets Chintaiken and fights Tenron in the Gozen-Jiai contest.
Goku enters the Demon World and fights the lord of the Demon World, Shura.
Goku saves Inoshikachou and meets Tenshinhan for the first time.

753 A.D. 5th May Goku meets Konkichi.
Goku swims to Papaya Island where the 22nd Budoukai is being held.

753 A.D. 7th May The 22nd Budokai commences. Tenshinhan becomes the new champion after narrowly defeating Goku.
Kuririn is killed and Piccolo Daimao appears.

753 A.D. 8th May Celebrations marking 20 years of the King of the World's reign.

753 A.D. 9th May Goku fights and kills Piccolo Daimao.
Piccolo Daimao gives birth to Piccolo Jr.
Goku reaches Kami's Lookout and trains there for three years under Mr. Popo and Kami-Sama.

756 A.D. 7th May The 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai takes place.
Goku agrees to marry Chi-Chi after they fight in the tournament.
Goku defeats "Ma Junior" (Piccolo) and becomes Tenkaichi Budoukai champion for the first time.
Planning for Goku and Chi-Chi's wedding begins, but a mysterious fire erupts and traps Gyu Mao inside his castle with Chi-Chi's wedding dress.
Goku and Chi-Chi search for the Basho Sen to put out the magic flames.

756 A.D. 8th May Chi-Chi learns how to be a good bride from Grandma Hakkake.
Goku uses the Basho Sen on the flames to no avail.
He finds out that the flames are due to a leak in the Furnace of Eight Divinations on the other side of the World.
Goku travels to Mount Gogyou, which is the home of the Furnace of Eight Divinations where he meets Son Gohan again.
He fixes the hole in the bottom of the furnace and the flames are put out.

757 A.D. May Gohan is born.

759 - 760 A.D. Goku is interviewed by Shonen Jump.

760 - 770 A.D. Dr. Myu finds the alien Rirudo and turns him into Machine Mutant Shogun Rirudo.
Rirudo uses his great powers to complete the construction of planet M2.
The Machine Mutants begin gathering energy to be absorbed by Bebi.

761 A.D. Goku, Piccolo, Kuririn and Gohan battle Garlic Jr. He is defeated and trapped in the Dead Zone by Gohan.

Dragonball Z

761 A.D. 12th October Radditz arrives on the Earth. Piccolo and Goku proceed to fight him, the battle ending with Piccolo killing both Goku and Radditz
Vegeta and Nappa stop at a small planet named Arlia. After finding the planet is unsuitable for sale, they destroy the planet. After this, they begin their long journey to the planet Earth.
October - April Gohan is left in the wilderness by Piccolo to survive on his own.
Gohan falls into ancient ruins and finds a robot.
After a disaster, the robot is destroyed. Gohan becomes more mature.
Yamcha becomes a professional baseball player.
Gohan becomes home sick and tries to escape from his training area and return home. He meets Pigero and other orphans whose parents where killed in a tsunami, he regains his courage and returns to his training.

762 A.D. March. Kuririn, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chouzu and Yajirobe train at Kami's Lookout.

762 A.D. 29th April Goku arrives at Kaio-Sama's planet.

762 A.D. 9th May Goku catches Bubbles. He then beings his attempts to hit Gregory the cricket with an incredibly heavy hammer.

762 A.D. 23rd May Goku succeeds in hitting Gregory on the head with the hammer.

762 A.D. May. Kuririn, Yamcha, Tenshinhan and Chouzu make a spiritual travel to the old planet Vegeta. They are all killed easily by two weak Saiya-Jin. They then return and continue their training.

762 A.D. 2nd November Master Roshi, Bulma and Oolong summon Shenlong and ask him to resurrect Goku.

762 A.D. 3rd November At 11:02 AM Vegeta and Nappa land on Earth.
Gohan, Piccolo, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, Chouzu and Yamcha prepare to fight Vegeta and Nappa.
Nappa, Yamcha, Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Chouzu all lose their lives in the battle.
Goku and Vegeta's battle ends in a draw with Vegeta retreating back into space.
A micro-sized robot made to look like an insect is deployed by Dr. Gero to
collect blood samples from the strongest fighters for use in the construction of Cell.

762 A.D. 4th November Goku, Kuririn and Gohan are all staying in the East City Hospital.

762 A.D. 7th November Kuririn and Gohan are discharged.

762 A.D. 9th November The Capsule Corp. finishes the modifications of Kami's spaceship.

762 A.D. 14th November Bulma finishes learning the Namekian language.
Gohan, Kuririn and Bulma depart for Namek.

762 A.D. 21st November Vegeta lands on Freeza Planet #79.

762 A.D. 13th December Vegeta has fully recovered. He sets off immediately for planet Namek.

762 A.D. 18th December Vegeta, Kiwi, Bulma, Kuririn and Gohan all land on Namek within 5 minutes of each other.
Goku leaves for Namek.
Dende takes Kuririn to meet the Great Elder of Namek.
Vegeta and Kiwi fight, ending with Vegeta killing Kiwi.
Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Chouzu and Yamcha arrive at Kaio-Sama's planet and begin their training.
Goku's spaceship gets trapped in the gravity of the star Alpha HZ. But by using the Kamehameha he is able to steer his spaceship back on course.

762 A.D. 19th December Zarbon and Vegeta fight with Zarbon emerging victorious after transforming. Zarbon then takes Vegeta to Freeza's ship to heal him.

762 A.D. 20th December Vegeta and Zarbon fight for the second time. Vegeta ends up killing Zarbon..
Kuririn takes Gohan to be powered up by the Great Elder.
Freeza orders The Ginyu Force to delay their mission to Yardrat and instead leave for Namek.

762 A.D. 23rd December Goku completes his training under 100 times Earth's gravity. He spends the last day resting.

762 A.D. 24th December Gohan and Kuririn fight against Gurdo, and are saved by Vegeta who kills Gurdo.
Goku arrives on Namek. He soon defeats Reacoome and Burter, but Vegeta kills them.
Captain Ginyu is trapped in frog's body after fighting Vegeta, Gohan and Kuririn and Vegeta kills Jheese.
Goku spends the next hour healing
Piccolo is revived and tries to fight Freeza but is no match once he completes his third transformation. Kuririn and Dende are killed.
Goku becomes a Super Saiyan and defeats Freeza.
The planet Namek blows up and Goku escapes to the planet Yardrat.

763 A.D. 3rd May Kuririn and Yamcha are resurrected by the Namekian Dragonballs.

763 A.D. 9th September Tenshinhan and Chouzu are resurrected.
The refugee Namekian are transported to New Namek by the Namekian Dragonballs.

763 A.D. October. For the first time in 5,000 years the Makyo Star approaches Earth and Garlic Jr. escapes from the Dead Zone.
But he is again defeated by Gohan and trapped for good in the Dead Zone after Gohan destroys the Makyo Star.

Exact Date Unknown Cell arrives in Trunks' Time Machine and goes underground to mature.
Freeza's cyborg body is completed.

764 A.D. August. Trunks arrives from the future. He kills Freeza and King Cold with ease. Goku returns to Earth and Trunks warns him of the Android threat.

Unknown Dates Vegeta under 450 times Earth's gravity to become a Super Saiyan.
A relationship slowly develops him and Bulma.
Goku and Piccolo get their driver's licenses.
Cooler arrives on Earth to avenge Freeza but Goku defeats him.

766 A.D. Trunks is born.

767 A.D. Goten is born.

767 A.D. 7th May The 24th Tenkaichi Budokai takes place. Mr. Satan becomes the new champion.

767 A.D. 12th May Androids #16 - #20 appear. Vegeta kills #19. #17 kills #20.
Cell shows up later that day.
Piccolo and Kami become one again.
Goku suffers from his viral heart disease.
Kuririn and Trunks destroy the present Cell along with Dr. Gero's underground lab.

767 A.D. 15th May Goku's heart disease is cured by the medicine Trunks brought from the future.
Vegeta and Trunks enter the Room of Spirit and Time to begin their training.

767 A.D. 16th May Cell reaches his second stage after absorbing #17.
Cell reaches his perfect form after absorbing #16.
Vegeta and Trunks exit the Room of Spirit and Time and Goku and Gohan enter .

767 A.D. 17th May Cell announces the Cell Game to the entire World.
Goku and Gohan exit the Room of Spirit and Time and Piccolo enters.

767 A.D. 18th May Piccolo exits the Room of Spirit and Time, Vegeta enters it again.
Gohan enters Lime's village and saves it from Barbon's evil intentions.

767 A.D. 19th May Goku, Gohan, Chi-Chi and Kuririn go for a picnic.
Cell single-handedly destroys the Royal Army.
Dende becomes the new Kami-Sama and resurrects Shenlong and the Dragonballs.
Vegeta exits the Room of Spirit and Time and Trunks enters.

767 A.D. 20th May Trunks exits the Room of Spirit and Time.

767 A.D. 26th May At 12 noon the Cell Game begins.
Mr. Satan takes on Cell but is easily defeated. Goku is next up but he loses to Cell. Gohan takes him on and turns SSJ2 after Cell destroys Android #16
Goku dies a second time by sacrificing himself to save the Earth.
Gohan completely destroys Cell with a one handed Kamehameha.

767 A.D. 27th May Goku's funeral.
Trunks returns to his own time.

767 A.D. May - June. Goku visits Dai Kaio's planet and meets Dai Kaio.
Goku participates in the Annoyoichi Budoukai, which was planned in "honor" of North Kaio's death. Goku fights Pikehan in the final. He finds him to be similar to Piccolo by his fighting and training style. The fight ends with Goku as the victor without going Super Saiyan, but Dai Kaio declares the fight a draw has both men touched the ceiling.
Chibi Trunks takes his first steps.
A documentary is broadcast on TV covering the events of the life of the World Champion Mr. Satan.

768 A.D. Doll-taki is employed by Dr. Myu.
His task is to gather energy to awaken M2's greatest Machine Mutant, Ruudo.
Doll-taki does his job well and gets to work on gathering energy on planet Ruudo.

770 A.D. Krillin and Android #18 get married.

771 A.D. Marron is born.

773 A.D. Kaioshin and Kibito travel to Earth to search for Majin Buu.

774 A.D. 28th March Gohan finishes the first grade of Orange Star High School.

774 A.D. 7th April The Golden Haired Warrior is seen for the second time in Satan City.
Gohan begins the second grade of Orange Star High School. Here he meets Videl.
Gohan meets Bulma at 3 PM. He asks her to make a transformation suit for him so he can disguise himself when fighting crime.
She finishes at 5 PM.
The Great Saiyaman is born!

774 A.D. 8th April Videl finds out that Gohan is the Great Saiyaman.

774 A.D. 9th April Gohan begins to teach Videl how to fly.
South Kai checks out Goku's training.

774 A.D. 10th April Vegeta finds out that Chibi Trunks is able to turn Super Saiyan at the age of 8.

774 A.D. 20th April Videl learns to fly.

774 A.D. 7th May The 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai takes place.
Goku returns to Earth for a single day to compete in the tournament.
Majin Buu appears.
Vegeta sacrifices his life trying to defeat him.
Buu kills Babidi.
Goku coaches Goten and Trunks on the fusion dance. He fights Buu but due to turning Super Saiya-Jin 3, he is forced to return to the after-life early.
Gohan mistakenly frees Rou Kaioshin from the Z Sword.
Rou Kaioshin begins the ceremony to upgrade Gohan's power.

774 A.D. 8th May Piccolo, Gotenks and Gohan are absorbed by Buu.
Vegeta and Goku fuse into Vegetto and are absorbed by Buu where they rescue Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Fat Buu.
Buu kills almost every single person on Earth.
Rou Kaioshin gives Goku his life allowing him to return to Earth.
Vegeta returns to Earth after getting permission from Enma-Daio.
Buu destroys the Earth.
Porunga restores the Earth.
Vegeta's life is restored when all of the good people who died are wished back to life.
Goku destroys Buu with the Super Genki Dama.

774 A.D. 7th September Shenlong erases everyone's memories of Buu.

778 A.D. 7th May The 26th Tenkaichi Budokai takes place.
Mr. Satan is the champion with Buu coming second.

779 A.D. Pan is born.

780 A.D. Bra is born.

781 A.D. 7th May The 27th Tenkaichi Budokai takes place.
Mr. Satan is the champion with Buu coming second.

784 A.D. 7th May The 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai takes place.
Goku fights Uubu and leaves with him to train him.

Dragonball GT

789 A.D. Pilaf gathers the Black Star Dragonballs and wishes for Goku to become a child.
Goku, Pan and Trunks set off to search for the Black Star Dragonballs in outer space.
After 9 months in outer space, Goku meets Bebi.
Bebi is outnumbered so he escapes to Earth where he takes control of almost every person and becomes more powerful.
Bebi uses the Black Star Dragonballs to create Planet Tsufuru close to the Earth.
Goku reaches Super Saiya-Jin 4.
Goku and Bebi battle, which ends with the death of Bebi and the destruction of the Tsufuru race.

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