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The Tenkaichi Buduokai is the ultimate gathering for the strongest martial artists from around the world. It takes place every 3 years on May 7th. Although this is not true for some tournaments. The 24th tournament was delayed due to the stadium being rebuilt after Piccolo destroyed it. Also the 25th was interrupted for the Z Senshi by arrival of Babadi.

Japanese Translation
Ten - Heavens
Kai - Under
Ichi - First
Bu - Way Of
Duo - Fighting
Kai - Meeting
Literally translated this means "Heavens Under First Way Of Fighting Meeting". I know your probabaly thinking "What the hell?!?", but allow me to explain. Take the first part, what is under the heavens? The earth! So taken with "first" this means "The World's Best". Next is "Way of Fighting Meeting". Well a way of fighting in DBZ is martial arts, and this particular martial arts meeting is a tournament. So all together Tenkaichi Buduokai means "The World's Best Martial Arts Tournament"

The Rules
You disqualified if you:
- Use a forign object or weapon
- Attack the eyes or the "vunerables"
- Leave during the tournament
- Kill your opponent

You lose if you:
- Are knocked unconsious
- Are down for a count of 10
- Are knocked out of the ring
- Give up

Tournament Results
21st Tenkaichi Buduokai - May 7th 750 A.D.
Winner: Jackie Chun (Kame-Sennin)
Runner Up: Son Goku
Other Finalists: Namu, Kuririn, Giran, Bacterian, Yamcha, Ran Fan

22nd Tenkaichi Buduokai - May 7th 753 A.D.
Winner: Tenshinhan
Runner Up: Son Goku
Other Finalists: Jackie Chun, Kuririn, Yamcha, Chouzu, Pam Put, Wolf Man

23rd Tenkaichi Buduokai - May 7th 756 A.D.
Winner: Son Goku
Runner Up: Ma Junior (Piccolo)
Other Finalists: Yamcha, Shen, Chi Chi, Tao Pie Pie, Tenshinhan, Kuririn

24th Tenkaichi Buduokai
Winner: Mr. Satan
Runner Up: Jewel
Junior Division Winner: Videl
Junior Division Runner Up: Unknown

25th Tenkaichi Buduokai - May 7th 774 A.D.
Winner: Mr. Satan
Runner Up: Android #18
Other Finalists: Son Goku, Great Saiyaman, Jewel, Shin, Kibito, Killa, Kuririn, Ma Junior, Mighty Mask, Pintar, Spopovitch, Yamu, Videl
Junior Division Winner: Chibi Trunks
Junior Division Runner Up: Son Goten

26th Tenkaichi Buduokai - May 7th 778 A.D.
Winner: Mr. Satan
Runner up: Mr. Buu

27th Tenkaichi Buduokai - May 7th 781 A.D.
Winner: Mr. Satan
Runner up: Mr. Buu

28th Tenkaichi Buduokai - May 7th 784 A.D.
Winner: Mr. Satan
Runner up: Mr. Buu

Other Tournaments
The Cell Games
Winner: Son Gohan
Runner up: Cell
Other Contestants: Son Goku, Mr. Satan

Annoyoichi Budoukai (Other World Tournament)
Winner: Son Goku, Paikuhan (Draw)
Other Contestants: Aqua, Frog, Maraikoo, Olibuu, Tapikae & Many More