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This section was created to try and explain what the symbols you see on certain Dragonball characters mean. With each explanation is a picture of each symbol in case you don't know which person I am talking about.

"Turtle" -  Master Roshi
This is one of the most common symbols in all of Dragonball. It is the symbol of everyone's favorite pervert, Master Roshi. It means "Turtle" which ties in nicely. For those of you that don't know Roshi he is also know as the Turtle Hermit and "Kamehameha" means Turtle Destruction Wave. So this symbol stands for "Kame" or "Turtle"
"Goku" - Son Goku
This is the symbol that appears on Goku's outfit before his arrival on Planet Namek. It stands for his own name, at least the "Go" bit anyway. He receives this uniform from King Kai while recovering in hospital after the battle with Vegeta
"Son" - Son Gohan
This is the symbol that is on the front of Gohan's jacket in early DBZ. It stands for "Son" which is Goku's and Gohan's family name. It is basically their last name but it is always put before the first name. Confused? It goes like this: Son Goku or Son Gohan. Got it? Good.
Kaio-Sama Symbol
This is the symbol of the Kaio-Samas. At first we only see King Kai wearing this symbol, and it could be assumed to be his, but as you can see from this picture all the Kaio-Samas share this symbol.
"God" - Kami-Sama
This is the symbol of Kami-Sama, the Guardian of the Earth. It literally means "God", which is of course what he is. He is seen wearing this at all times up until he fuses for good with Piccolo.
"Demon" - Piccolo
This is the symbol of Piccolo Diamou and it basically stands for demon. This is because his name means "The Demon King Piccolo" Although Piccolo Jr. never uses this symbol himself, he does pass it on to Gohan while training him, so everyone will know who trained him.
"Great" - Grand Kai
This is the symbol of the Grand Kai and it means "great". He wears this symbol on his hat and wears the traditional Kaio-Sama symbol on his chest. This is probably used to show people that he is superior over the other Kaios, or it could be due to his ego! ^_^
Ginyu Force Symbol
This is the symbol that is found on the clothing of all the Ginyu Force members and on their equipment such as their spacepods and is very similar to that worn by members of the Cooler Force
Cooler Tokusentai Symbol
This is the symbol that the members of Cooler's Group in Movie 5 wear on their battle jackets. I'm guessing that in Freeza's army that all special forces wear thier own symbol, as Cooler's group an the Ginyu Froce both have their own symbols.
This is the symbol of Garlic Jr. and is on the front of his shirt in both Movie 1 and the Garlic Jr. Saga. It shows a kind of tower or castle of sorts and could be be possible connection to Garlic Jr. and his father's connection the throne of Kami
"Majin" - Babidi
This is Babadi's symbol. It stands for Majin. It appears on Babadi's and Buu's clothing, but when Babadi has possessed someone the symbol is branded on their forehead, or in Yakon's care, their stomach
This is the symbol of the Red Ribbon Army. It appears on everything they own, clothing, weapons, machines and buildings. This symbol is not seen again after Son Goku destroys the entire army until DBZ. When the Androids appear, each one sporting this symbol
This is the symbol of the Capsule Corporation, which is owned by Bulma's father, Dr. Briefs. This logo can be seen on many thing produced by the Capsule Corp., such as vehicles, houses, Future Trunks' Jacket and of course the Hoi Poi Capsules.