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These are a race of short, 4-eyed telepaths. They possess the ability to stop time and also Telekinesis. Only one member of this race is shown to us in the series, this is Guldo of the Ginyu Force. It is not known what happened to his people.

This is the race to which Freeza, Kooler and King Cold belong. Not much is known of their origins. All that is known is that all 3 posses the ability to do Henshin (transform). Doing so greatly increses their power. We first see this race in the Freeza Saga and again in Movie 5.

This, surprisingly, is the race to which we all belong. Humans inhabit the Planet Earth, and apart from a few individuals (Tien, Yamcha, Chaou-zu, Roshi), most are comparitivly weak along side people like the Saiya-Jin and Namek-Jin

This race plays a brief, but important role in the series. Like the Yardrato-Jin they are responsible for teaching Goku a very useful technique. They are the inventors of the Fusion Dance that Goku teaches to Goten and Trunks. Nothing is known of their appearance, all that is known is that Goku met them in Heaven sometime between the Cell and Majin Buu Sagas.


This race is first introduced to us when Goku meets Kami-Sama, who is a very old Namek-Jin. But it isn't until the Saiyan Saga that Piccolo and Kami learn of their otherworldly origins. After Piccolo's death at Nappa's hands. Gohan, Kuririn and Bulma depart to the Planet Namek, to gather the original Dragonballs to revive their friends. During this time all the Namek-Jin are wiped out by Freeza and his men. They are eventually revived with the Earth's Dragonballs and sent to live on New Namek. All Namek-Jin are asexual as Toriyama based them on snails and slugs.

This is one of the series' main races. All of the main characters belong to this race. They first arrived on the Planet Plant in 550AD and eventually took over the whole planet, renaming it Vegeta. They then encountered Freeza, who employed them to wipe planets of their life before being sold. Fearing they would one day overthrow him, Freeza destroyed them all along with the planet, leaving only Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Radditz, Brolli, Paragus and Turles as survivors

This race shared the Planet Plant (Old Vegeta), with the Saiya-Jin, and although weaker than the Saiya-Jin, they kept them at bay with their advanced technology, such as the Scouters and Blasters. They were also the inventors of the Spacepods we see in the series. They were wiped out when a full moon appeared on the planet Plant, allowing the Saiya-Jins to go Oozaru and destroy the Tsfuru-Jin

This race was first met by Goku after the defeat of Freezer on Planet Namek. He arrived in an abandoned Ginyu pod. If it wasn't for Freeza calling The Ginyu Force to Namek, they would have destroyed the Yardrato-Jin, it being their next mission. They are a physically weak race, but possess the ability to manipulate space and time, and teach Goku Shunkan Idou (Instant Transmission)