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Here is a list of the major attacks used in Dragonball. The attacks are listed alphabetically by their English name. The list also has details of the attack's original Japanese name, colour and who it was first used by.

12 Eyes
Japanese Name: Shi Shin no Ken
Colour: None
First used by: Tenshinhan
Also Used By: Piccolo, Kuririn, Cell
Description: This is a technique where the user splits into four separate entities. Hence 12 Eyes, as Tien has 3 eyes usually. The four entities can fight on their own and can be attacked separately. But the downside is that the user's PL is divided into four, with each copy receiving 1/4 of the original's power level.

Ashi Kara Kame Hame Ha
Japanese Name: Ashi Kara Kame Hame Ha "From The Feet Kame Hame Ha"
Colour: Blue
First Used By: Goku
Description: This attack was first used by Goku against Piccolo at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai. He fired a Kame Hame Ha from his feet to propel himself at Piccolo and leave his hands free at the same time.

Big Bang Attack
Japanese Name: N/A
Colour: Blue
First used by: Vegeta
Description: One of the first moves Vegeta learnt after going Super Saiya-Jin. He holds his arm at right angels to his body and lets loose a powerful ball of energy which explodes the atoms of the target.

Body Change
Japanese Name:
Colour: N/A
First Used By: Ginyu
Description: This is a move that is used to change your body for your opponents. The user places their arms and legs out and a beam is fired to the opponent. Once the bodies are changed the user gains the strength and speed of the target but not the special techniques, they also retain the ability to change bodies again if need be.

Burning Attack
Japanese Name: N/A
Colour: Yellow
First Used By: Mirai Trunks
Description: This is Mirai Trunks' trademark attack. He uses this on Freeza when he comes to Earth with King Cold. Although it does no direct damage, it is used primarily as a distraction from say Trunks' sword. It is performed by doing a complicated set of arm movements which end with the hands being brought together in a triangle shape and a ball of energy being released.