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As of 20th July 2002

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World Map

World Map (Click For Full Size Version)
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South West
South East
Central West

1. Uranai Baba's Palace
2. Babadi's Hidden Spaceship
3a. Z Senshi vs. Androids #19 & #20
3b. First Appearance of Androids #19 & #20
4. Southern Capital

5. Tenkaichi Budoukai Island
6. Gyu Mao's Castle
7. Location of Cell's Transformation
8. Android #17 vs. Piccolo
9. Location of Goku and Kuririn's Training
10. Kame House
11. Red Ribbon Army HQ
12a. Korin Tower & Kami's Palace
12b. Korin Tower Post (Bora and Upa's Tribe live near here)
13. Western Capital (Capsule Corp.)
14. Goku vs. Vegeta (Saiya-Jin Saga)
Central East
North West
North West
15. Pilaf's Castle
16. Boss Rabbit's House
17a. Son Family House
17b. Grandpa Gohan's House
18. Satan City (Orange Star High School)
19a. Mirai no Trunks' Time Machine (Stolen By Cell)
19b. Area Where Cell Matures
20. Mr. Buu's House
21. Ginger Town
22. Goku vs. Majin Vegeta (Majin Buu Saga)
23. The Cell Games
24. Central Capital (The King of the World's Castle)
25. Dr. Gero's Labratory
26. Northern Capital
27. Vegeta vs. Android #18
28. Town Where #18 Gets Some Clothes
29. Location of Radditz's Landing
30. Eastern Capital
31. Muscle Tower

Map From Majin Planet