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So you wanna get in touch with the world's best, and therefore sexiest DBZ Webmaster? Just kidding, although I am pretty damn sexy! ^_- Anyway here are my contact details, feel free to contact me anytime.

Name: SSJHitch
Real Name: Jack
Status: Owner/Webmaster
Location: Leeds, England
E-Mail: neonnoddle123@aol.com
AIM: neonnoddle123
MSN: jhitchcox@hotmail.com
Bio: My first attempt at a website was in 2000 and was very poor to be honest. It was on Maxpages and I did to programming myself, just wrote what I wanted on the page and Maxpages did the rest. If you want to see what's left of my old site, click here. It was an RPG site, and not a very good one at that. It was then that in 2001 I moved the site to this address. At first I relied on Angelfire's editor to do my HTML for me, but I became adventurous and began experimenting myself. My friend then introduced me to HTMLGoodies, which proved invaluable to me! To see the old site click here. It was in January this year that I decided to end the RPG and start this current site. The site has gone from strength to strength and I believe will continue doing so, thanks to you, the fans.