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I was sitting around and thought of this.These are team things.You need to have a team in order to get these items.If anyone thinks of any new ideas e-mail me and you could get an item or money.

Team base-Each team base can have 2 senzu feilds that give 1 senzu bean a day.The team also gets their own page.The team can also place items in their team vault so that others can't steal them.Also you choose where you want to have your base(like what planet or in space).Other teams can take over your base only if they challenge the leader.To gain a base you fight the base leader and if you loose then you loose your base.-$20,000
Senzu field-gives a senzu bean each day for three weeks.each day the team gets a senzu bean.Needs to be watered everyday so someone on the team needs to say that they watered it, otherwise you wont get a bean the next day.To water it post a message on the message board saying that you watered it.If you don't water the field for three days then it rots and you have to get another.-$13,000
Ultra senzu field-lasts for 2 weeks.This takes place of one senzu field.You get 1 ultra senzu bean every three days.Just like the senzu field it needs to get watered.-$20,000
Team vault-This is what you need in order to store items in the team base.I will put on the team page who has put an item in the vault if anyone did.-$1,000
Teleporter-This can teleport anyone from anywhere to your base.-$5,000
Base artillary-protects team base.Causes 20,000 damage to the other person when fighting a base battle.-$16,000
Base weight room-allows you to train at your base-$2,000
Base rejuvinator-need this to train at base.recovers from training-$1,500
Base tank-allows you to move base from planet to planet(lasts one trip)-$2,500
Base tank refill-allows you move from planet to planet(lasts 1 trip)(need a tank)-$1,500
Team Base Corp.-team gets $5,000 a week.They corp.Has taxes to pay every week I will e-mail you the taxes or you can tell me to take it out of your pay-$5,250
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