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Special Moves

This are moves that you can do in battle only once. These moves do extreme damage to your opponent. You can only have one of these moves and you make up the name and what it does, but I have to ok it. also after you use the special move you have to rest a turn,unless the move killed them, and it takes 1 turn to use the special not one move.If you want a special move e-mail me at

Master Goku- Super Spirit bomb x100:I charge up and do a do a spirit bomb in the sky. Its ten times bigger then the one I used at planet namek.It then hits the opponent with massive damage, pain, and suffering!!D=8,000
Master Gogeta- Electric Balls:I charge up until lightning starts to surround my entire body. Then I let out a huge a$$ bolt of lightning into the air. I then zoom into my opponent causing him to flip over. Then I summon the lightning that went into the air onto my opponents genitalia causing immense pain and suffering.D=8,000
Master Trunks: Masenko absorber- shoots a beam of light that goes through the person and back through trunks. does damage and gives the amount of damage done as pl to trunks. D=7,000
Goten:Super Nova blast- I start out with my hands open like I am about to fire a kamahama wave (the one that goku does alot). Then a REALLY BIG plasma ball forms at my hands and I shoot out the BIG lazer beam that is half the size of The REALLY BIG plasma ball(hitting the opponent). After that, the REALLY BIG plasma ball (that wasformed at my hands) is shot (hitting the opponent again)D=5,500
Bardock:Super nova death ray- I ball up my fist . Two plasma balls form around them. I put my hands together as if doing a Kamehameha wave. Then bothe balls form 1 big ball. Then I shoot the energy wave. The wave is 10 times larger than a normall Kamehameha Blast. After the blast ends the ball becomes two once again. The two plasma balls are then fired at the opponent. D=5,500
Majin Vegeta:Majin Vegeta's Kamesenkoflashcannon-I move my hands real fast doing the positions the characters do and after the 10th time i say the words and it shoots a huge blast about 10 feet wide and 9 feet tall engulfing the enemy and killing him.D=5,700
Chibi Goku:Under Beam-A beam generated underground and blast you from underground.D=5,800
Garlic Jr.:Garlic Bomb- It is a huge yellow ball that i drop on the person i'm fighting and it does a good damage and it stunns them for a turn (they lose a turn)D=5,600
Ubuu:Spice Web- it is a huge red net that makes you lose 1 turns D=5,400
Vegetunks:Eye beam cannon-It is a huge beam that is shot from the eyes.It shoots 12 rapid fires and then it shoots the big blast.It is shot from vegetunks' eyes and is aimed for the opponent's eyes also.The rapid fire hit the legs and arms making unable to move.Then the big blast is shot at the eyes that blinds him for 3 turns.After the opponent recovers, he is hit with the biggest blast of them all.It is shot at the opponent's chest and it throughs the opponent 500miles outward.(opponent loses 1 turn) D=5,700
Gotenks:Gotenks rocket punch-all energy is focused to the hand hits opponent D=5,600
Piccolo:Piccolo Blaster-I shoot chi ball into the air but they stay there than punch downward and they all clash into the oppenent D=6,000
Bojack:Bo Bolt - user jumps into the air then starts throwing down thunder bolts then summons a thunder god who throws a huge electric cloud the stays around the opponent and causes excrusiating pain and suffering. D=6,000
Captain Ginyu:all or nothing- u power up to full and shot out all of ur power except for 50. the turn after u used it u have all the pl back u should have. the reason for that is because its like a energy beam but stronger and cooler. D=5,900
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