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Planet to planet

This is where you use your items such as a space pod to go from plane to planet. If you go to a planet like namek you have to wait for that many days, and when you get there you want to go to Yardrat then you have to wait more time.Unless you have instant transmission, if you have instant trans mission then you go there in a few seconds.


Earth:2 days

Namek:3 days

Majin:5 days

Dark Star:4 1/2 days

Vegeta:4 days

Saiyan:6 days

Yardrat:7 days

Planet-E:1 1/2 weeks

Linsu:1 day

Icron:3 days

Planet descriptions

Earth: This is were everyone begins. You can also find the dragon balls here, but you only get one wish.You also learn to be a super human here.Super human lv.1 costs 800int. and get a pl boost of 3,500pl. Super human lv. 2 costs 1,600int and gets a pl boost of 13,000pl.Ultra Super Human costs 2,400int a gets a pl boost of 65,000pl.

Namek: This is were you go to find the dragon balls were you can get 3 wishes.Also if your namek you learn to be a Super Namek.Super namek lv.1 costs 1,000int and get a pl boost of 5,000. Super namek lv.2 costs 1,800int and get a pl boost of 15,000pl.Ultra namek costs 3,000int and get a pl boost of 70,000pl.
Majin: This planet is full of hot moltin rock. You need a special hot suit to go here.
Darkstar:This is were you go to find the dark star dragon balls but you need a Dark Dragon radar.
Vegeta: This is were the sayains lived before freeza destroyed them.
Saiyan: This planet is for saiyans only. You go here to learn to be a super saiyan.It costs 1,000int to be a super saiyan lv.1 a pl boost of 10,000pl. 2,000int for super saiyan lv.2 a pl boost of 20,000pl. 3,000int to be super saiyan lv.3 a pl boost of 40,000pl. 4,000int to be super saiyan lv.4 a pl boost of 80,000pl. 5,000int to be super saiyan lv.5 a pl boost of 160,000pl. You have to have the power ups in order. not 1 and then 5 you to go 1 2 3 4 5.
Yardrat: This is were you go to learn instant transmission.
Planet-E: This planet multiplies your pl that you get for training by 10.You can only go here if Goku says you can.Every one else can go here that can't have the other power ups to learn transform.transform 1 costs 900int get a pl boost of 6,000pl.Transorfm 2 costs 1,900int get a pl boost of 16,000pl.Transform 3 costs 2,600int gets a pl boost of 30,000pl.Final Form costs 4,00int gets a pl boost of 85,000pl.
Linsu-Lets you stay in the juvi for a half a day if you lose a spar on it.
Icron-gives you 10 int when you land on it. But in order to go there you must win 8 battles in a row.

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