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This is where you can make money. Different jobs pay different money.

Trainer:train people for pl and int. $400=600pl or 200int.(max 1)taken by Master Goku

Picture finder:finds pictures for the rpg. gets $200 a picture.(max 5)Taken by Freeza

Scientist: makes up new items for the rpg. gets $400 an item.(max 5)Taken by Goten, Bebi Vegeta, Vegetunks, Bardock,Gotenks

Moves maker: makes up new moves for the rpg. gets $400 a move.(max 1)Taken by Master Trunks

weapon constructor: makes new weapons. gets $450 a weapon.(max 1)Taken by Master Gogeta

Armorer: makes new armor. gets $350 an armor(max 1)Taken by Garlic jr.

Planet Creator:makes new planets and if they want dragon balls they have d-balls on.Can also say if the planet gives special things.gets $1,000 a planet(Takes 1 week to make a planet)(Max 1)Taken by Chibi Goku

Assasin:Gets paid by person that employs him. That person decides what to pay them.They only get money by employer if they win the fight or kill the person there supposed to. $negotiable(max 5)Taken by Adult gohan, San Shenlong

Job finder:gets paid $400 a job.(max 1)Taken by Ubuu

Promoter:Promotes the rpg and gets money for doing it. Tells people about the rpg and gets $200 for every new member.(max 4)Taken by Chibi Gohan

scouter:it goes to other rpg's and gets ideas for me to do things to my rpg.$600 an idea I accept (max 5)Taken by Kid buu,

Engineer:Makes technology things for the rpg $500 an item I accept (max 2)Taken by

Tailor:Makes new suits $400 a new suit I accept(max 3)Taken by Evil Buu

Yemmah Producer:Makes new items for king yemmahs store $600 an item I accpet(max 2)Taken by Bojack

Announcer:Tells when the everyone in the tourny when it's about to begin 2,000$ a tournament(Max 1)Taken by Piccolo

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