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This section is information it will tell you pretty much everything you need to know.


This is where you choose a character to trian, fight,sparr and search for the dragon balls.

Next Demension

This is where you go when you die in a battle to the death. If you have a king kia pass you can train, thats pretty much all you can do in the next demension. If your not wished back in five days then you go back to where you were.


This is where you buy items for the rpg. Without items then it would be to difficult to do so I suggest buying items. If you want to buy these just E-mail me Master Goku.

Fighting and sparring

this is the fun part of the rpg! the person who has the lowest pl first then first u state ur pl then u do ur attack u can do 5 moves in one turn but only 2 of the same moves a turn, then u add up all the damage it does and type it in ,then the other person subratcts that from there pl and does the same and special moves u only do once a battle (fights, sparrs) and u can only do ur special in a turn if u do ur special u cant do ne other moves that turn then the next time its ur turn u say resting from attack.ok ill give u a short example: goku says"20,000 dodonpa x2 crusher ball x2 destructo disk d= 2560 (not actual damage)" then gohan says"19,340 kamehameha x2 dodonpa x2 lazer eyes d=2250 (not actual damage)"and with the absorbing ppl can only be done to the same person once. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


This is when you go to the gravitron and post a message. and in that message you write down your training. The more you write the higher your pl goes up!!


When you loose a sparr you go here for a day then you can train or sparr again. If I see that your not checking in after a sparr or traing then I will lower your pl!

Master Roshi's

This is where you use your int. to buy moves. The amount of int. needed is next to the move.

Message board

This is where you post a message challenging someone to a fight or sparr. You also can ask any question you have here.


This is where you can form a team. you have to e-mail me your team name and who is in it. There are special team battles for teams.

Basic moves

This is the original moves such as punch and kick.

Energy moves

This is your main moves where you shoot blasts that do amazing damage to opponents. These move are a must to use and get. You should always use your best moves.


this is where you collect dragon balls to make a wish.(look at d-balls page to find out the wishes)If someone has the same type of dragon ball as you then you must fight for it. You must type at least two paragraphs(seven sentebces each) to get a dragon ball. You also must have a scouter to search for them. The better the scouter the sooner you get the ball.


When you are flying to a planet you can do nothing unless you have a gravitron and a rejuvinator on it.

Power ups

These are moves that you can do to increase you pl during battle.

go to the planet page for information

Keeping in touch

If you dont do anything on the message board for 2 weeks then you will be taken off of the rpg.

Winning system

If you win a fight to the death: you get 1,500pl and $900 & 100int

If you loose a fight to the death: you get 900pl and $600 & 50int

Win a sparr you get: up to 1,000pl

loose a sparr you get:up to 700pl and you get to stay one day in the rejuvinator

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