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Energy moves

These are moves that you practicaly will always use.

16.Eye Beam-A quick blast shot from the pupils that is very destructive D=200

17.S.S. Deadly Bomb- A semi-large energy ball strong enough to destroy the Earth D=800

18.Energy Absorption- You absorb your opponent only when there pl is 3,500 or under. Gives 2,000pl to your character.

19.Energy Shyutou- An attack where the user forms their energy into a sword around their hand D=500

20.Oozaru-The ability of a Saiya-jin to transform into a giant ape-like creature when they absorb 17,000,000 Brute Waves (you add a additional 3,500pl to yours for the rest of the battle)(must have used power ball to do this)

21.Kai Kai-The ability to teleport from planet to planet.

22.Healing Power- The ability to restore half of your pl durning a fight(only 2 a fight)

23.Kanashibari Jyutsu-A technique used to completely stop a person from moving(only 3times a fight)

24.Kame Kame Han-Same as the kamehameha but a little weaker D=400

25.Kame Hame Ha- The user gathers energy between the palms of their hands and then releases it D=650

26.Ki Ai-An attack that shoots a wave of ki at an opponent when the user screams D=450

27.Kienzan-A swirling disc of energy that looks and sounds like a buzz saw D=625

28.KikouHa-Standard energy wave blasts D=350

29.Kakusan Kikou Ha-A very slow-moving ball of energy that can break into several parts and hits numerous targets D=550

30.Kochi kara Ha-A blast energy shot from the mouth D=525

31.Double KikouHa-A double blast of energy from both of the assailant's hands D=600

32.Yubisaki no -A single blast of energy shot from the fingertips D=375

33.Kikouhou- target opponent with a triangle formed by his hands. Then you let out triangular kia blasts.

34.Ki no Tsurugi-Form a long sword composed of kia D=550

35.Ki Barrier-The user forms an impenetrable barrier of ki around them.(only 2 a fight)(lasts 3 turns)

36.Garlic Gun- It's similar in appearance to the Kame Hame Ha, and the energy for the attack is even gathered in a similar fashion D=650

37.Crusher Ball- It's a ball of energy gathered in one hand, then flung at the opponent D=450

38.Saikou Waza- A blast of energy fired from his mouth D=625

39.Jibaku-A powerful suicide explosion.(use your pl as an attack and the amount of pl you have is used as the attack)

40.DoDonPa-A huge energy blast fired at the opponent through the arm D=420

41.Souki Dan- The Souki Dan is a basketball sized ball of energy D=560

42.Time Stop- By holding his breath he can freeze time and run around doing as he pleases.(only 1 a battle)(lasts 3 turns)

43.Solare Flare-The user gathers up energy from the sun then blinds his opponent with the suns rays(only 2 times a battle)(lasts 3 turns)

44.Tsu no Beam -A blast of electricity shot from Piccolo's antennae D=430

45.Electric Blast Attack-A quick one handed blast of electricity D=540

46.8 Fists-The user moves their arms up and down very fast making it appear that they have eight arms. The attack itself is fairly useful because it's confusing and the user actually hits the victim eight times in what appears to be one swing D=600 (opponent looses 1 turn)

47.Power Ball-This is the ball of energy that helps a Saiya-jin transform into the Oozaru state. The ball explodes in mid-air and the gasses inside the ball mix with the atmosphere producing a large amount of Brute Waves. The gasses stay together for about 90 minutes, then they diffuse, and the Saiya-jin must use the attack again.

48.Special beam cannon- beam itself resembles a screw. There is a straight beam, surrounded by a spiral of energy D=730

49.Makousen-A magic energy blast shot from the hand D=650

50.Dragon uppercut-User does and upper cut the looks like a dragon to his opponent.D=610

Kaiouken Attack:the user powers up and all of his attributes are increased a great amount.The Kaiouken Attacks must be learned in order at King Kai's (you must be dead and at King Kais and have enough int). This move has 4 levels:

51.Kaiouken: gives a boost of 3,000pl,after 3 turns, the user loses 5,000pl(for that battle).Must have at least 15,000pl to use.

52.Kaiouken x2: gives a boost of 4,000pl, after 3 turns, the user loses 6,000pl(for that battle). Must have at least 25,000pl to use.

53.Kaiouken x3: gives a boost of 5,000pl, after 3 turns, the user loses 7,000pl(for that battle). Must have at least 35,000pl to use.

54.Kaiouken x4: gives a boost of 7,000pl, after& 3 turns, the user loses 10,000pl. During those& 3 turns, each Kamehameha does 2,000d. Must have at least 50,000pl to use.

55.Final Flash: the user spreads his arms horizontal to the ground with palms facing outward. Then the hands are brought together creating a large beam. d=695

56.Scattershot: many energy balls are shot from the hand and surround the opponent. Then they are all guided towards the enemy and create a large explosion. d=750

57.Masenkou: the user crosses his hands over his head. Then the user brings the hands forward and shoots a big beam. d=600

58.Fusion dance:two people must now this ability to be able to use it.The two peoples pl's are combined to make a new character which one person controlls.d=xxx

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