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My Other Obsession...

What's this? Light colors? Furry animals? Even... pink text?!? Has Sulia gone mad?!?


*Sulia looks down to see a pale blue kitty walking in and around her legs*
"Zarbon kitty!"
*She picks up Zarbon kitty and cuddles him in her arms*
"Isn't he cute?!?"
"My other obsession is with little guys like him. *pets Zarbon kitty lovingly* I absolutely adore kitties/nekos!"
*After a few minutes, Zarbon kitty squirms out of Sulia's arms and hops to the floor. He finds a comfortable spot in the middle of the room and curls up to go to sleep*

"Somebody's going to end up stepping on you if you nap in the middle of the room like that."
*Zarbon kitty simply opens one of his closed eyes*
Let them...
*Zarbon kitty then starts purring in a peaceful slumber*
*Sigh* So simple... Isn't he adorable?" *Pauses for a moment...*

You KNOW you want to adopt one of these precious little kitties, don't you? ^_^