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Zarbon reigns supreme over all bishonen everywhere! ^_~


Please check updates for the current status of this site!! Thank you everyone for over 10,000 hits!!

Hey, mina! Thank you for stopping by my page! Here you'll find my untitled fanfic, along with some parallels, and some drawings done by not only me, but some friends, too. Thanx to all you guys who have read my story already and have given me a bunch of support in doing this project: Nathan, Krista, Trista 'n' Tosha, Nick, Kyley, Emily, Jeremy, Allyson, Amanda, Craig, Joe, Shan, and Mrs. Paull! You guys rule!

Minna, do me a big favor and sign my guestbook or email me. Just think about it - I'll actually respond to your emails! Give me your input, good or bad, I'd like to know. And thanx a bunch for stopping by!

Hey! Give me a ring if you have any messengers. My AIM sn is sulia dray, my ICQ# is 104953522 (nickname tsuki kagayaki), and my msn sn is currently Tsuki.

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This site is no longer updated... and hasn't been updated in a long time. I still haven't finished writing my stories... bah. Thanks all for everything, your comments, messages, viewing my page. Ja ne~ Old Updates

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