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  Welcome to what used to be Ano .. Nani te! I decided I didn't like the name anymore, so I changed it to Stalagmite. I also moved it, so update your bookmarks to

  Navigation can be found just above this little box. "Main" will take you back to this page. "Sites" will take you to a list of other sites that are made by the same people as this one. "Content" will take you to all the fun stuff such as quizzes, graphics, humor, and some other random things. Links and other such related items can also be found there. "Contacts" includes all the ways you can talk to the people who helped put this site together. And the guestbook, for the current moment, is nonexistant. Maybe sometime in the future, ya?

  This layout was made using Paint Shop Pro 7, Animation Shop 3, Paint, and notepad. It features a picture of a very pretty sunset that was taken from here. Brushes that were used were obtained from here. That is all.