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Dangerous Habits - my Wes/Angel shipper site.

April 30th, 2002: 1 new Fic

April 22, 2002: I'm sorry to have to do this, but I am removing all links which are dead. I asked people to inform me if their site had moved, and no one did.

March, 2002: One new fic

February 25th, 2002: Started a blog just for Wes/Angel, and will have some kind of message board included. Check back for details.

February 24th, 2002: Discovered several dead or unavailable links. Anyone who has a link on this site, please email me with your new locations. I can't track you all down by myself.

January Sixteenth, 2002: Realized there was a misunderstanding over the way I write the date. I don't know if it's because they do it differently in Britain, or because I just write the date wrong, period-but I write "month" "day" "year", not "date" "month" "year", which explains why the Zone thought I hadn't updated since May.

January Eighth, 2002: Uploaded the first of the Essays, titled "Changes in Dynamic: Season 2.

January Seventh, 2002: Changed the colors, to look a bit more cheerful. I am working on essays to add to the site. PLEASE SUBMIT SOME FIC! Pleeeasse?

October Fourth,2001: My first update since taking over this site. A new fic by Mosca in the fiction section.

Anyway, there you are, sniffling over the loss of Doyle, and then the spectre of an ex-watcher homes into view from the darkness, wielding a crossbow, and says softly "Hello, Angel." And many a Wes/Angel shipper was born.

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Eeep. Forgot ye olde disclaimer. I don't own the boys, or the series, or - ah, you know the rest. Joss and the WB and Fox own them.