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  • Planets

    Each planet can be destroyed (except earth and immegga) a planet will be brought back to life in 3 years everything and everybody will be brought back to life Except The people who were fighting if they didn't get off the planet in time and to destroy you must at least be at 3 milloin.(must notify me,sstrunks5687).

  • Gravity

    Planets Vegeta,King Kai's,& Voon Planet have 20x earths normal gravity if you stay on these planets for long and train your stats will go up 10,000 more.

  • Saiyan Heaven

    Planet Saiyan Heaven is only for saiyan strike members any can only be let on by a member.

    The planets are

  • Earth

  • Vegeta

  • Namek

  • Immegga

  • King Kai's Planets (next domesion)

  • Yardaft

  • Voon

  • Planet Saiyan Heaven

    More soon