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This is the masters section. Masters are people who you can train under in order for your stats to go up.

The masters are:

Chibi Gohan

Teen gohan

Guru(not real member)

King Vegeta

King kai(not a real member)

Master Roshi(not a real member)

King Yardraft(not a real member)

Dr.Gero(not a real member)

Ledgic(not a real member)

The co-masters are:


To train under one of these characters email sstrunks5687 or teen gohan

Guru- Can teach you any namekian move in less than the time it is supposed to take.

King vegeta-can teach u a saiyan move in less than the time it is set to take.

Kin Kai-trains you in the next dimension device

Master Roshi-can teach you earth moves faster

King Yardraft-can teach you Yardraft moves faster

Dr.Gero-can teach you anroid moves faster and can turn you in to an android

Ledgic - can make custom Items and weapons for you (he will give you a price for them and how much long it would take.) There is a limit though.

More Coming soon