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1.Swearing is aloud but if u use it against me or any leaders u will be severly punished by one of ur moves being taken away from u, of our choice and it will be given with the stats to the person u sweared against or you will be banned from the rpg for 2 days. Considering the amount off swearing involved.

2.All battle info must be sent to either or

3.if you do not train or fight within 14 days you will be kicked off unless you notify me or metalulf00

4.All battles and spars are to place on aol instant messaging and self spars there are some exceptions.(see training)

5.All tournaments will be held the first friday of each month,or when the leaders think is a good time, in either my private chat or teen gohans. partcipation fee is $100. The winner will get $10,000 and a bag of 10 sensu beans plus a pl raise of 100,000.

6.A person can only use the hyperbolic time chamber once before each tournament.(see chamber)