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Power Levels

Power Levels of all the DragonBall characters. I just want everyone who comes to this power levels site, to do me a favour. Just forget all of the other power levels you have read and memorized. I am also trying something that no other site has and that is that I am going to have every power level of every person that fights no matter what is the time he appaears in the story. This might not be as acurate as the other power levels on my site , but they will be very close. I would really enjoy it if you would E-mail me telling me if something doesn't sound right to you, but before you do E-mail check if I haven't already answered your question in my Power Levels section already.

When a power level is in blue, the power level is, guranteed that it is perfect.

When a power level is in yellow, I am almost 100% sure that it is right.

When a power level is in red, the power level is a guess, but it is so close that you should consider it right.
Thank you!

Dragonball Power Levels

Goku at birth:2
Goku when he First Appeared:10
Goku (Oozaru form):100
Master Roshi:139                                            

Goku was born and it was mentioned, on a scouter that 2 was his fighting power. When a Saiyen becomes in Oozaru form his power increases by 10 times. Therefore 10(Goku's fighting power)times 10(Oozaru form increase of power)=100(Goku's fighting form in Oozaru form.)

The 22nd World Champion Fighting Tournament

Jackie Choun(Master Roshi):139

                                                                                                It is stated by Akira Toriyama that Goku's and Tenshinhan's fighting power is 180 and the proof of this is that their battle is so even. Goku would have won this battle if he would have had more luck that day. Master Roshi's fighting power doesn't change throughout the story of DragonBall. Master Roshi's rival Trursenn's fighting power is a bit less than Master Roshi and doesn't really pose a threat to Master Roshi.

Battle Against The Demon Piccolo

Demon Piccolo:260
Jacky Choun(Master Roshi):139                                                      

                                                                            Goku, unlike before, had a lot of luck against the Demon Piccolo. After he drank the sacred water at Korin's tower his power increased significantly.(big word for such a little mind, Ranchi would say right now) He is now the only one who could kill him. He did successfully after Master Roshi and Tenshinhan had failed. Goku was lucky because the Demon Piccolo left Goku one arm and a chance for victory and he did kill him, although their fighting power's were the same.

Battle Against Raditz

Farmer with shotgun:5
Goku with weighted clothing:334
Goku without weighted clothing:416
Goku's Kamehameha attack:924
Piccolo with weighted clothing:322
Piccolo without weighted clothing:408
Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon(Makankosappa) 1st try:1,330
Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon(Makankosappa) 2nd try:1,440
Gohan(while he is in Raditz's ship):710
Gohan(his power changes with his emotions):1 to 1,307
Master Roshi:139
Master Roshi's Turtle:0.001
Piccolo(after the fight with Raditz):329                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                          We all know the fighting powers in this stage thanks to Raditz's scouter which he uses a lot. All of this fighting powers are mentioned before and during the fight against Goku, Piccolo and Gohan. If Gohan is really pissed off then he is really strong, if Raditz hits him across the face then his fighting power is very low. Raditz thought that his scouter was broken because he did not believe that Gohan's fighting power was that high. It is clearly stated by Raditz of all of these fighting powers. After the battle, Krillin is forced to steal Raditz's scouter for Bulma(who pulls an all nighter which she hasn't done since college) to fix the scouter so it reads fighting powers in English. Bulma then uses it on Master Roshi, his turtle, Krillin, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Piccolo.

The Battle Against the Saiyens

Krillin(hiding his true power):1,083
Krillin(maximum power):1,770
Gohan(hiding his true power):981
Gohan(maximum power):2,800
Piccolo(hiding his true power):1,220
Piccolo(maximum power):3,400
Goku(powered up):8,000
Goku(Kaio Ken Attack):12,000
Goku(Kaio Ken times 2):16,000
Goku(Kaio Ken times 3):24,000
Goku(Kaio Ken times 4):32,000
Vegeta(Oozaru form):180,000
Gohan(Oozaru form):9,810 to 28,000                                                                            

                                                                                           The Saibamen have a fighting power of 1,200 that is the same of Raditz. Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo are all hiding their real fighting powers when they start the fight against the Saiyens. That worked out very well. Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chalzu's fighting power are all mentioned by Akira Toriyama. Nappa's fighting power is much lower than Vegeta's. When Goku uses the KaioKen attack it gives him an increase of 4,000(one and a half). Other than that to discover his fighting power you just multply the strength of the KaioKen attack, by his fighting power. Example:8,000(Goku's fighting power)times 3(strength of the KaioKen attack)=24,000(Goku's new fighting power). Vegeta's fighting power in Oozaru form is 180,000(18,000 times 10=180,000).Gohan's fighting power in Oozaru form is between 9,810 and 28,000 because his fighting power varies in his normal form from 981 to 2,800.

Battles on Namek

Gohan(hiding his true power):1,500
Krillin(hiding his true power):1,500
Freiza's Army Men: 250
Vegeta(hiding his true power):18,000
Vegeta(maximum power):24,000
Namek Fighters(hiding their true power):1,000
Namek Fighters(maximum power):3,000
Freiza's Army Men:1,000 to 2,000
Zarbon(Monster Form):27,000
Vegeta(after healed by Healing Tank):30,000                                                                     

                                                                             Zarbon uses his scouter and sends two of their army men to see who the two little forces(Gohan and Krillin) that they discovered were. When he used his scouter it showed them at about 1,500. The army men must be this weak because they get one shot and they are out of it. Kui must be a little stronger because they said that it shouldn't take him too long to ta care of Vegeta. Dadoria is a weaker than Vegeta, and so is Zarbon in his first form, but when he transforms he is much stronger than Vegeta. When Vegeta gets beat up by Zarbon and is then he healed he gains a decent amount of power, and he then becomes strong enough to kill Zarbon in his transformed stage. Vegeta's new fighting power becomes 30,000, believe me on this one please. If Zarbon can be Vegeta when he is has 3,000 more fighting power than Vegeta then Vegeta when he is 3,000 fighting power more than Zarbon he can easily beat him, too.

Nail Vs.Freiza

Freiza(First Form):530,000                                                       

                                                                                                             Freiza tells Nail that his fighting power is 42,000 before they start to fight, and then Frieza gives hima warning that his is at 530,000.

The Battle Against the Ginyu Force

Gohan(after powered up by Guru):14,000
Krillin(after powered up by Guru):13,000
Captain Ginyu:120,000
Goku(hiding his true power):5,000
Goku(spurts of his true power):60,000
Goku(true power):90,000
Goku(Kaio Ken times 2):180,000
Captain Ginyu(in Goku's body):23,000
Gohan(after healed by Senzu Bean):20,000
Krillin(after healed by Senzu Bean):15,000
Vegeta(after healed by Senzu Bean):85,000

The Battle with Frieza

Freiza(First Form):530,000
Gohan(after healed by Dendé):29,000
Krillin(after healed by Dendé):16,000
Frieza(Second Form):1,000,000
Piccolo(after fused wiht Nail):900,000
Piccolo(wihtout weighted clothing):1,000,000
Frieza (Third Form):2,000,000
Vegeta(after healed by Dendé):2,300,000
Frieza(Final Form 33% of true power):40,000,000
Freiza(50% of true power):60,000,000
Freiza(100% of true power):120,000,000
Goku(after healed by Healing Tank):3,000,000
Goku(Kaio Ken times 10):30,000,000
Goku(Kaio Ken times 20): 60,000,000
Super Saiyen Goku:150,000,000

Freiza On Earth

Freiza Bot:160,000,000
King Cold:150,000,000
Freiza's Army Men:1,000 to 2,000
Super Saiyen Goku:200,000,000
Trunks(hiding his true power):5
Super Saiyen Trunks:195,000,000

The Android Saga

Android #20(Dr.Géro):165,000,000
Android #19:135,000,000
Android #18:350,000,000
Android #17:350,000,000
Android #16:400,000,000
Cell(after aborbed humans):415,000,000
Super Saiyen Goku"240,000,000(weaker and weaker because of his heart disease)
Super Saiyen Vegeta:237,500,000
Super Saiyen Trunks:225,000,000
Piccolo(without the weighted clothing):182,500,000
Piccolo(after he fused with Kami):360,000,000

The Cell Saga

Cell(after he absorbed Android #17):765,000,000
Vegeta(after the training in the "Room of Spirit and Time"):18,000,000
Super Saiyen Vegeta:900,000,000
Trunks(after training in the "Room of Spirit Time"):18,500,000
Super Saiyen Trunks:925,000,000
Ulta Super Saiyen Trunks:1,215,000,000
Cell(after he absorbed Abdroid #18):1,200,000,000

The Cell Game

Junior Cells:900,000,000
Super Saiyen Goku:1,050,000,000
Super Saiyen Vegeta:900,000,000
Super Saiyen Trunks:925,000,000
Ultra-Super Saiyen Trunks:1,215,000,000
Super Saiyen Gohan:975,000,000
Super Saiyen 2 Gohan:1,950,000,000
Ultra-Perfect Cell:1,900,000,000

The Boo Saga

Android #18:350,000,000
Super Saiyen Goku:1,500,000,000
Super Saiyen 2 Goku:3,000,000,000
Super Saiyen 3 Goku:4,500,000,000
Super Saiyen Vegeta:1,450,000,000
Super Saiyen 2 Vegeta:2,900,000,000
Majin Super Saiyen 2 Vegeta:3,000,000,000
Super Saiyen Gohan:100,000,000
Super Saiyen 2 Gohan:200,000,000
Mystic Gohan:6,400,000,000
Fat Boo:4,000,000,000
Super Saiyen Goten:912,500,000
Super Saiyen Trunks:937,500,000
Super Saiyen Gotenks:2,000,000,000
Gotenks Super Saiyen 3 Gotenks:6,000,000,000
Super Saiyen 3 Gotenks(after training in the "Room of Spirit and Time"):6,150,000,000
Super Boo:6,050,000,000
Super Boo(with Super Saiyen 3 Gotenks and Piccolo):6,600,000,000
Super Boo(with Goten, Trunks, Piccolo):6,200,000,000
Super Boo(with Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and Gohan):6,750,000,000
Kid Boo:7,250,000,000
Super Saiyen Vegito:3,500,000,000
Super Saiyen 2 Vegito:7,000,000,000
Master Roshi's Turtle:0.001


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