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This is the humor section, the only good part of this page, ITS ORIGINAL (and quite stupid). Heh, I'm the moderator of this part, Trunten. Ya, you heard me. Also Im going to be writing a fanfic which I'll add to as time progresses. Its a humorous one therefore I'll put it on this page.
Disclaimer:This portion of the site might contain some very obscene and perverted stuff. If this offends you simply don't read it this is your last warning and can be used as protection if you try and sue me you, then you are just being stupid lesbian midget circus clown molestor! Now enjoy the humor this page has to offer already!

Humorus Stories or used condoms to fill this page...

Power Level 1 Bajillion! - By Trunten
The Badman, is really just a "Sad"man
Note:The ideas expressed in this section are Trunten's and Trunten's only. Please do not affiliate his obscene, racist(I'm not racist!), stupid comments to the rest of our page. Trunten's psychological status is quite alarming as it suggests he may have been hit in the head as a baby. We just want to make it really clear to whatever pour soul is reading this that we do not support nor encourage these rather demeaning, vulgar and pointless stories. Please Try To Enjoy.

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