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About Us

Badman: I am the BadMan and yes I have a pink shirt (Mr.Power Level expert to you)I am anxious to hear from any of your E-mails, do not hesitate to send me an E-mail unless it is a very pointless and stupid E-mail. My favourite music groups are MxPx, and GoldFinger. I also love sports especially soccer, football(GO BUFFALO BILLS!) and hockey. I have liked DragonBall for about a year, but my interest is growing after every book I read and every episode I watch. Our website should be growing extremely fast and well, so keep checking up on it! Thanks A Lot!

Ranchi: I'm Ranchi, the only female! Hi, fans! Now, I maintain the Fanstuff, so send your stuff to me, me and me! I love to recieve E-mail, just watch the content of those letters! My fave characters in Dragonball are Vegeta, Chi-Chi (why Chi-Chi, you ask?), Bulma, and Goten. I have liked Dragonball for a little bit longer than my bro. I recall the days of watching episodes on CN with my bro talking on the phone with his girl. I will try to update often for your pleasure, and make sure you're loyal to our website, I mean give it a chance, and you'll see how good it's gonna be! CIAO! Don't hesitate to E-mail me!

Trunten: Ahem, Hi, my name is Trunten and hopefully I'll be your humour section person-doohicky. Feel free to send me email at any time, any humours DragonBall thing or free porn (I think a few of us'd appreciate it) Anyways, I'm trying to work and stuff so feel free to send me a flame, ask me about myself, E-mail me, ask to cyber me, send me illegal drugs, allow me to blackmail you or sell you crack filled pokemon cards. You can email me at Email:

GorTethNax: The computer guy, I try and fix the technological problems. I am the only one who actually knows how to do computer technoligical stuff. I like MxPx just like "The BadMan" actually I got him liking them. I enjoy sports such as soccer, football, and hockey. I was the first one to start reading DragonBall in french but now they are addicts and know more than me by far. I am incharged with all of the technical stuff so if you see mistakes or anything that doesn't look quite right, give me an E-mail, Please!

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