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King Kai Training

To recieve King Kai Training you must be dead. Th is is the only way to learn Kaioken and Spirit Bomb The increases are Pl: 2,500 Sp: 1,000 Ki: 500 Hp: 500. Takes 1 day to complete.

Kaio Shin Training

Kaio Shin training is the only way to get Mystical power-up. To recieve this training you must be dead. It lasts for 2 weeks. This takes the entire time you are dead to complete. The first week of training you train with Kaio Shin for sword practice. During this time he will turn your sword into a Z-sword. The second week you will train with Dai Kaio Shin for fighting techniques. At the end of that you will know mystical power-up. The increases are Pl: 200,000 Sp: 20,000 Ki: 20,000 Hp: 10,000. Takes 2 weeks to complete. Must be dead and have a sword.

Dende Training

To recieve Dende training you must be on Earth. From here you can also train in the Room of Spirit and Time or the Pendulum Room. It takes a long time to climb to the top of Dende's lookout, but well worth it. You can learn many things from this training. Pl: 3,000, Sp: 2,500, Ki: 500 Hp: 500. You must be on Earth. Takes 1 day to complete.

Pendulum Room Training

To get this training you must be on Earth. You will then go into a room with a giant pendulum. You can go anywhere at anytime in this place. Hours in there seem like seconds in real life. Pl: 3,000 Sp: 2000 Ki: 500 Hp: 1000. Takes 5 days to complete.

Room of Spirit and Time training

You must be on Earth in order to get this training. You will then train for 5 days inside this room. Pl: 3,000 Sp: 2,000 Ki: 500 Hp: 1,000. Takes 5 days to complete.

Guru Power Up

To recive Guru Power Up you must be on Namek in order to get it. Guru will then release your hidden powers within.....if he feels like it. Your stats will increase as it follows: Pl: 25,000 Sp: 25,000 Ki: 500 Hp: 1,000. You must be on Namek.

Self Training

Everyday you train by yourself your stats go up like this PowerLevel:100 Speed:5 Ki:5 Hp:0. A gravitron may be used to increase the stat increase. Every 10 levels of gravity the stats for regular Self training are multiplied by 2. The Z-sword can also be used for self training. It is equal to 20x earth's gravity.

Master Roshi Training

This training is good for starting members and basically give you an idea of how to fight. You can also learn a good deal of moves and abilities. Your stats increase as follows. Pl: 1,500, Sp: 20 Ki: 20, Hp: 2,500. Takes 1 day to complete.